Update your Home: Adding Finishing Touches

Adding finishing touches to a room will really bring your decorating scheme to life. Giving thought to the extra details and paying these plenty of attention will add a real unique finish to your room. But don’t always think about the obvious when you’re looking at how to add flourish and style, think more about some of those hidden elements that we often take for granted. What do I mean? Well look beyond the curtains, candles and new cushions (tricky I know!) and look at some of the areas that fade into the background. Take these ideas, for example:-

Internal Doors:

Many of us live with the internal doors we inherited when we purchased our home. I know I have. But do think about whether they need updating and whether they complement the look of your room. There is a large ranged of modern and contemporary doors out there and so bound to be one that works with your home. Take the Magnet internal doors for example, where you can choose from 1930’s inspired oak to sleek veneered white panelled doors. Adding the right kind of door that works with your style of décor will really give it a finished look.


Source: magnettrade.co.uk via Magnet Trade on Pinterest


Door Handles:

Once you have your new door you’ll need to consider the handles! Again it’s an area we often overlook but given the right choices this can really finish your room nicely. It’s easy to just stick with the old but the ranges available are really big and it can be fun (honestly!) choosing new handles.




Light Switches and Sockets:

I have always had a thing for lovely light switches. It’s a small details but I do love seeing what’s out there and choosing something interesting that fits with my room and home. Do away with your white plastic if you can and go for something sleeker and more modern to fit with the contemporary home. If you’re doing up kids’ rooms there are some great fun one out there, even ones with their names on.  Why not get a kit to allow you to personalise the switch you already have? Try your DIY stores to see their range, or try Home Plates for their range of decorative light switch plates and covers.




I’ve written several times now about how changing your radiators can seriously affect the look of your room.

There are lots of companies that sell modern, contemporary radiators in all kinds of styles, shapes and designs so you are bound to find one to fit your room and your budget.

Castrads for example, sell a great selection of cast iron radiators if you like a more robust, period look. Alternatively think about whether a reclaimed radiator will work for you.

There are lots of salvage yards out there where you can find an old radiator, have it dipped and painted to your specification so making your radiator a wow factor in your room.

These elements of a room décor aren’t always the most interesting to research and spend your money on but do give it some consideration. Changing these aspects to work with the look of your room and home will be worth it and will definitely give the scheme a finished feel.

And if you’re looking for more ways to change your decor in small ways but with big impact, check out this post.

What do you think? Would you consider any of these ideas?


Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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