Modern and Elegant Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas [2023]

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Would you like to decorate an elegant Christmas tree for this holiday season? If you’re hoping to make your Christmas tree decorating look classy this year, keep reading. 

I’ve gathered some top tips on making the most of your holiday decorations, when you want a luxury, elegant, and fancier looking tree this Christmas.

Let’s dig into some elegant Christmas tree decorating ideas.

Easy Elegant Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas 2023

Let’s discuss how to make your very own classy winter wonderland in your own home.

Holiday decor is varied, and very often down to your own personal style, but when you want to work like an interior designer and create a gorgeous tree packed full of holiday cheer, you’ll want to follow a few simple rules.

Here are the rules I tend to follow when creating my elegant Christmas tree design.

1. Choose Your Look

This elegant, luxury Christmas theme does have a designer look, and is one of my favourite Christmas tree decoration ideas.

2. The Christmas Tree

You’ll want to select from elegant Christmas trees for this look if you want a class Christmas tree style.

a dark elegant Christmas tree with wicker tree skirt in a dark modern living room.

This is the Slim Cashmere Tips Christmas Tree used in my home this year. There are a great selection of Christmas Trees at suitable for all room sizes. 

This particular tree was chosen as we have a small space in the corner of the room to house the tree and this one measured up brilliantly. I also wanted a pre lit tree this year, to ease the experience of fighting with the Christmas lights myself.

Plus, I like the longevity of an artificial Christmas tree and this one will stay in our family for years to come.

Christmas Tree Top Tip: To get the elegant festive look in your own home this year, you could also choose a white Christmas tree or, if you’re feeling bold, a black Christmas tree will look stunning too. A flocked tree is also a perfect choice when you’re going for luxury in your festive home.

close up of an elegant Christmas tree with gold, blue and white ornaments.

Then don’t forget the tree skirt. I’ve chosen a grey wicker skirt for simple styling and to add some natural elements to the design. Adding a skirt creates an elegant, classy finish that otherwise is lost.

3. Choose Your Christmas Ornaments

The Christmas tree decorations will follow your chosen colour scheme. These are some of our favorite Christmas colours for 2023. For this smart looking Christmas tree theme, I’ve chosen navy blue and gold with accents of red and white. The living room is a dark colour as you can see, and works well with the dark blue and gold colour combination.

Start with your basic Baubles

It’s a great idea to begin filling your tree with the simple baubles in your colour theme. I began with a set of 50 which was a great way to start building the design. These simple ball ornaments really are the basis of any Christmas tree decorating theme.

This is the point we also add our homemade ornaments (they’re on the other side!) that date back to when the children were small.

Christmas Tree Decorations Top Tip #1: You always need a lot more tree decorations than you think so don’t skimp when creating your elegant Christmas tree look.

Add a Flourish

Next you can start to have some fun! Elegant trees need elegant decorations so choose some that reflect your family and their personality. We added some gorgeous ballerina decorations, some sequin balls, and glass, tear-dropped shaped baubles too. It’s these beautiful ornaments that start to give the tree its elegant feel.

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Close up of an elegant christmas tree with gold white and blue ornaments

As well as the dark, bold colours, I’ve also started incorporating some white ornaments onto the tree. It’s not essential, but it’s a way of connecting the tree to the rest of the room decorations.

4. Add some Floral Picks

To make the tree feel different this year, I opted to finish the look with a selection of floral picks. We have the navy blue and furry white flowers, along side some gold leaves. Spreading them throughout the tree gave it a final luxury look.

Finish with a Christmas Tree Topper

This is our family favourite tree topper, not a traditional Christmas tree decoration, but one that I love nonetheless.

Jen hang the white star on the newly decorated elegant christmas tree

Christmas Tree Decorations Top Tip #2: Use oversized ornaments on the tree where you can. They add more impact and give the tree it’s designer look.

Room Decorations:

As well as decorating my elegant Christmas Tree this year, I’ve taken the look out into the rest of the room.

1. Fireplace Decorating:

The beautiful pre-lit, flocked garland takes pride of place over the fireplace mantle, with added gold baubles, pine cones for a natural look, festive candles and our Advent Candle.

modern living room with dark fireplace and gold christmas styling.

Then we’ve added a small tree (these are also perfect when you don’t have a lot of space and need a small Christmas tree), lit white Christmas cones and of course, some tealights. Candles and Christmas lights are the best way to add a cosy, yet elegant look to your home at this time of year.

Christmas Coffee Table:

I adore a gold tray as a way of creating a Christmas vignette, including some festive picks from the tree, a black flocked deer (I know, right!) and candles as a way of creating some luxurious yet fun holiday spirit.

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Close up of Christmas table decorations including a black flocked deer

The best thing about this time of year is letting your creativity loose on your Christmas decor, and having fun with it.

Let’s Summarise

Here’s what you need to decorate an elegant Christmas tree this year:

  1. An artificial Christmas tree, in green, white or black.
  2. Add lights or choose a pre-lit tree
  3. Choose your colour palette
  4. Fill with basic baubles in your main colours, then add a few accents colours
  5. Add more interesting and personal decorations
  6. Finish with floral picks and gold leaves
  7. Top with your favourite tree topper
  8. If you want to add more luxury, add some velvet ribbons (gold or silk ribbons work well too)
  9. Don’t forget to add a tree skirt to finish the look

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How do I decorate a Christmas tree?

Decorating a Christmas tree can be a delightful and personal experience. Here’s a concise 5-point bullet list to guide you:

  1. Choose a Theme or Color Scheme:
    • Decide on a specific theme (e.g., vintage, rustic, winter wonderland) or a color palette (e.g., red and gold, blue and silver). This will help unify the look of your tree and make your decorating process more streamlined.
  2. Start with Lights:
    • Begin from the base and work your way up, wrapping lights around every major branch.
    • Opt for LED lights to conserve energy and ensure safety. You can choose between warm white, cool white, or colored lights depending on your theme.
  3. Add Garland or Ribbons:
    • Start from the top and work your way down in a spiral motion.
    • Choose materials that match or complement your theme, such as beaded garlands, burlap ribbons, or tinsel.
  4. Hang Ornaments:
    • Start with larger ornaments, spacing them evenly around the tree. Then, fill in gaps with medium-sized and smaller ornaments.
    • Ensure that heavier ornaments are placed on stronger branches, and consider using a variety of shapes and textures to add depth and interest.
  5. Top it Off:
    • Choose a tree topper that complements your theme, whether it’s a classic star, an angel, a bow, or even a unique DIY creation.
    • Ensure the topper is securely attached to prevent it from falling.

Remember, the most important aspect of decorating a Christmas tree is making it a reflection of your personal style and traditions. Enjoy the process and the memories it creates!

How to choose Christmas ornaments

Choosing Christmas ornaments can be an exciting part of the festive season. Here are 5 tips to follow to help you get the best Christmas decorations 2023.

  1. Determine a Theme or Color Scheme:
    • Base your choice on a specific theme (e.g., vintage, woodland, nautical) or a color palette (e.g., gold and burgundy, teal and silver).
    • This creates a cohesive look for your tree and can make the selection process more focused.
  2. Consider Material and Craftsmanship:
    • Ornaments come in various materials like glass, wood, metal, and ceramic. Choose those that appeal to your aesthetic and that are durable, especially if they’ll be stored for extended periods.
    • Handcrafted ornaments or those from local artisans can add a unique and personal touch to your tree.
  3. Factor in Sentiment and Tradition:
    • Christmas ornaments often carry sentimental value. You might want to choose ornaments that remind you of past holidays, special moments, or loved ones.
    • Some families collect a new ornament every year to commemorate milestones.
  4. Think About Size and Weight:
    • Ensure a mix of sizes – from larger statement ornaments to medium and smaller ones to fill gaps and provide visual variety.
    • Be mindful of the weight, especially if your tree branches are delicate. Heavier ornaments might need to be placed closer to the trunk or on stronger branches.
  5. Safety and Maintenance:
    • If you have pets or small children, consider choosing shatterproof ornaments or ones that aren’t easily breakable.
    • Some ornaments might require occasional cleaning or maintenance, especially if they’re heirloom or very delicate. Think about long-term care when making your selection.

Remember, while aesthetics are essential, Christmas ornaments often carry memories and meaning. Choose those that resonate with you and your family’s traditions, and enjoy the beauty and nostalgia they bring each year!

How to choose Christmas tree toppers

Choosing the right Christmas tree topper can be the finishing touch that brings your tree decorations together.

  1. Match Your Theme or Style:
    • If you’ve chosen a specific theme or color scheme for your tree, ensure your topper complements it. For example, a rustic tree might benefit from a burlap bow or wooden star, while a more glamorous tree might shine with a sparkling gem-encrusted topper.
  2. Consider the Tree’s Height and Strength:
    • The size of the topper should be in proportion to the size of your tree. A tree that’s very tall with sturdy branches can support a larger or heavier topper, while a shorter or more delicate tree might require something smaller or lighter.
    • Ensure the top branch of your tree is sturdy enough to support the weight of your chosen topper.
  3. Safety First:
    • If your topper requires electrical connectivity (like a light-up star), ensure it’s from a reliable source and that wires are not frayed. Always turn off the tree lights when not supervised.
    • Choose toppers that are stable and not easily breakable if you have pets or children who might knock the tree.
  4. Think Outside the Box:
    • While stars and angels are traditional choices, don’t be afraid to be creative! You can use bows, large flowers, a cluster of ornaments, or even handmade crafts as unique tree toppers.
  5. Personal and Sentimental Significance:
    • Some families pass down heirloom toppers from generation to generation. If you have such an item, it can add a touch of nostalgia and sentiment to your tree.
    • Alternatively, choose something that holds personal meaning, such as a topper that commemorates a special event or represents a cherished memory.

Whatever you choose, let it be a reflection of your personal style and the joy of the season. The best topper is one that makes you smile every time you look at it!

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What do you think of these elegant Christmas Tree ideas? What kind of tree look are you hoping to create this Christmas season?

I hope you have a wonderful time decorating your tree this year with the whole family, and enjoy the best Christmas, however you choose to spend it.

Merry Christmas,

Jen x

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