25 Best Christmas Coffee Table Decor Ideas [2023]

When it comes to decking the halls for the holiday season, most of us zero in on the Christmas tree and the fireplace mantel in our festive living room. But have you given thought to your coffee table Christmas decor? 

Often overlooked, this piece is a fantastic focal point for adding a sprinkle of Christmas magic to your own home. 

From traditional Christmas decorations to unique DIY elements, the opportunities are endless. 

Whether you’ve been planning your holiday masterpiece for months or you’re pulling everything together last minute, this guide will give you plenty of great ideas to create a stylish, budget friendly and inspiring Christmas coffee table.. Ready to get into the holiday spirit? Keep reading, you won’t be disappointed.

Christmas Coffee Table Decor Ideas 

Decorating for the holidays goes beyond just the tree and dining area. 

Your coffee table, a central piece in many living spaces, shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s an easy spot to add a bit of festive flair, without going overboard. If you’re looking for practical, budget-friendly, and straightforward ways to incorporate the

Christmas decor on coffee tables in your living room, this list is for you. 

We’ve compiled 25 simple and effective Christmas ideas for coffee tables ideas to help you adorn your living room with festive charm. 

  1. Place a mini Christmas tree on the table for an immediate festive touch.
  2. Use mason jars filled with fairy lights as luminaries.
  3. Add a table runner with holiday patterns to ground your decorations.
  4. Fill a bowl with red ornaments for a pop of Christmas color.
  5. Incorporate natural elements like pinecones and evergreen branches.
  6. Arrange candy canes in a decorative glass for a sweet touch.
  7. Create a DIY centerpiece using mason jars, red berries, and ribbons.
  8. Use red jingle bells in a clear vase as a whimsical addition.
  9. Lay out a white garland along the length of the table.
  10. Stack some festive books and place a small table decoration atop, like a ceramic reindeer.
  11. Add candles in varying heights for a warm, cozy glow.
  12. Create a coffee table vignette with wooden trees and a few pinecones.
  13. Add a bowl of ornaments for a festive look. Mix matte, shiny, and glittered finishes.
  14. Display a beautiful Christmas centerpiece with red and gold accents.
  15. Craft a DIY centerpiece with evergreen branches and red berries.
  16. Place white vases with poinsettias for a fresh, festive touch.
  17. Layer different textures – a burlap runner, glass candle holders, and metallic trinkets.
  18. Add some sparkle with a bowl of red and silver baubles.
  19. Fill a glass bowl with water, floating candles, and red berries.
  20. Create height with a tiered stand displaying festive trinkets.
  21. Fill a clear bowl with candy canes and place white votive candles or fairy lights in the center for a festive touch.
  22. Use multi-colored bottle brush trees for a whimsical touch.
  23. Craft a center stage DIY centerpiece using twigs and hanging small ornaments.
  24. Sprinkle some faux snow over the table for a white Christmas feel.
  25. Place a festive table book or magazine, like Elle Decor’s holiday edition, for guests to browse.

How to Construct your Christmas Coffee Table Decor

I’ve pulled together some tips on how to get started with your Christmas decorating ideas for coffee tables. If you’re not sure where to start, this mini guide will help you bring your creativity to the fore and decorate your living room coffee table for the festive season.

  1. Begin with a Base: A simple table runner can serve as the perfect way to start your coffee table’s holiday decor. It’s like laying out a cloth napkin for your dining table.
  2. Elevate the Look: Add some height, like you would with elegant Christmas centerpieces, to draw the eye upwards on your coffee table.
  3. Blend Textures: Consider adding decorative elements like glass ball ornaments and wood to make your table visually interesting. 
  4. Grouping in Threes: Just like place settings on a dining table, items on a coffee table look best when grouped in odd numbers. 
  5. Seasonal Highlights: Make your coffee table resonate with the Christmas season by including specific elements like Christmas wreaths or candy cane place card holders.
  6. Organic Elements: Add a touch of the outdoors with pinecones or evergreen branches, like a scaled-down version of your Christmas table centerpiece.
  7. Illuminate: Think of your coffee table as a miniature version of your family room during the holiday season. Adding string lights can make the space feel warm and cozy.
  8. Interactive Features: Make it a great way to engage guests with a bowl of Christmas-themed trivia cards or holiday feast recipes.
  9. Stick to a Palette: Keep your interior design cohesive by sticking to a specific color scheme that complements the rest of the room.
  10. Personal Details: Finally, the most important thing is to include a personal touch, something special like your favorite Christmas wreath or a cherished family heirloom.

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Essential Items for Christmas Decor on Coffee Tables

If you’re looking to create a holiday table in your living room you’ll want to start with some essential ingredients. These are the most common Christmas decor on coffee table pieces and can also be used on a side table or even a console table when creating your Christmas decor setting.

  1. Christmas Candles
  2. Pine Cones
  3. Mini Trees
  4. Fairy Lights
  5. Vase
  6. Fresh Greenery
  7. Decorative Objects
  8. Ornate Tray
  9. Festive Coasters
  10. Mini Wreath

Rustic Christmas Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Moving on to rustic Christmas coffee table decor, this style has an inviting, cozy feel that’s perfect for this time of year. Rustic decor is all about natural elements, warm tones, and a touch of the handmade, making it a great idea for those who love a down-to-earth atmosphere. Much like setting a dining room table for Christmas dinner, your coffee table deserves attention to detail. From wooden accents to small pillar vessels filled with pine cones, rustic decor offers a myriad of best options for creating a welcoming environment. 

Now for some tips on creating that cozy rustic look:

  1. Wooden Elements: Incorporate wooden trays or boxes to serve as the base of your decor, similar to an elegant Christmas centerpiece but in a more casual style.
  2. Natural Accents: Think pine cones, evergreen branches, and burlap for texture. 
  3. Candle Warmth: Use warm-toned candles in mason jars or rustic metal holders to bring in a soft glow. 
  4. DIY Touch: For an easy DIY, use hot glue to attach green card stock leaves and red berries to a small wreath or even around a candle jar.
  5. Antique or Vintage Items: A weathered book or an old lantern can add a historical touch to the setting.

So whether it’s a round table or a rectangular one, these rustic decor ideas will make your coffee table a wonderful way to usher in the holiday season.

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Simple Christmas Decor for Coffee Tables

If you’re a fan of the “less is more” philosophy, then simple Christmas decor is probably right up your alley. Here are five easy, minimalistic ways to decorate your coffee table for the holidays:

  1. Single Candle Display: Choose a tall, elegant candle and place it in the center of the table. You can surround it with a few pinecones or leave it unadorned for a clean, modern look.
  2. Monochrome Ornaments: Stick to a single color scheme like all-white or all-gold ornaments. Less is more here. Arrange a few on a small tray and let them shine on their own.
  3. Coffee Table Books: Stack a couple of holiday-themed books or any books with spines that match your Christmas color scheme. Place a small ornament or sprig of holly on top for a subtle holiday touch.
  4. Simple Greenery: A single strand of garland or a few sprigs of evergreen can make a quiet but beautiful statement. Lay them across the table or arrange them in a circle to frame another object.
  5. Clear Glass Bowl with Baubles: Take a clear glass bowl and fill it with a handful of baubles, pinecones, or even just some strands of tinsel. The clear bowl keeps things understated while still festive.

Simplicity doesn’t mean sacrificing style. With a less-is-more approach, you can create a festive yet uncluttered atmosphere that’s perfect for enjoying the holiday season.

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Modern Christmas Decor for Coffee Tables

A festive living room adorned with a beautiful Christmas tree and decorations, blending the spirit of the season with soothing coffee table ideas.

Switching gears to modern Christmas coffee table decor, this style is all about clean lines, minimalist elegance, and a touch of contemporary flair. It’s a good idea if you’re looking for something that feels current yet festive. If you’ve been considering an update to your dinner table’s Christmas settings, why not extend that modern touch to your coffee table as well?

Here are some tips to achieve a chic modern look:

  1. Monochromatic Scheme: Stick to a color scheme of black, white, and grey, perhaps with a single accent color like gold or red. White flowers can serve as a simple yet elegant centerpiece.
  2. Geometric Shapes: Consider incorporating geometric elements, like a small pillar vessel or other angular pieces. They offer a fresh take on traditional Christmas table decorations.
  3. Streamlined Arrangements: Opt for one or two large pieces rather than a collection of small items. This approach keeps the focus clear and uncluttered, a better way to maintain a modern aesthetic.
  4. Metallic Accents: A few metallic touches can go a long way in elevating the overall look. Think metal trays, gold or silver bowls, and modern candleholders.
  5. Smart Tech: For an ultra-modern twist, consider incorporating some tech elements. Battery-operated LED candles, for instance, can be controlled with a remote or even a smartphone app.

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Christmas Centrepieces for Coffee Tables

When it comes to dressing up your coffee table for the holidays, the centerpiece holds a place of honor. It’s the focal point that ties everything together and sets the theme for the rest of your decorations. Here are some tips for creating a beautiful centerpiece that elevates your holiday centerpieces to the next level:

  1. Height and Scale: Keep in mind the size of your coffee table. You don’t want a centerpiece that’s too tall and obstructs views or conversation. On the flip side, a centerpiece that’s too small will look lost.
  2. Natural Elements: Using pinecones, branches, or even fruits can lend a rustic touch. These can be spray-painted in gold or silver for a more festive look.
  3. Candles: A classic go-to for centerpieces. Use varying heights to add depth. Just remember to use unscented candles if they’ll be lit during meals.
  4. Fabric Underlay: Using a small, festive tablecloth or placemat under your centerpiece can add an extra layer of interest.
  5. Ornaments: Don’t limit Christmas ornaments to the tree. Placing a few around your centerpiece can tie it into the overall holiday decor theme.
  6. Personal Touch: Incorporate something unique to you or your family. It could be a figurine, a handmade object, or even a photo framed in a festive frame.
  7. Symmetry: While asymmetry has its place in design, a balanced arrangement is generally more pleasing to the eye and easier to create for novices.
  8. Theme Consistency: Make sure your centerpiece complements the other holiday centerpieces in your space for a cohesive look.
  9. Pop of Color: If your overall color scheme is neutral, adding a splash of bold color can make your centerpiece stand out
  10. Keep It Fresh: If you’re using fresh flowers or fruits, make sure to keep them looking fresh. A wilted centerpiece is not a beautiful centerpiece!.

Nordic Christmas Coffee Table Inspiration

AI Generated Image

The charm of Scandinavian design comes alive during the Christmas season, offering a blend of minimalism, functionality, and coziness. Here are some Scandinavian Christmas Ideas for Coffee Tables to give you that Nordic allure:

  1. Neutral Palette: Stick to a neutral color palette of whites, grays, and muted earth tones. It keeps things light and clean, which is a cornerstone of Scandinavian design.
  2. Wooden Elements: Incorporate natural wooden pieces to add warmth. Consider wooden trays, coasters, or even small logs as decorative elements.
  3. Textile Layers: Soft textiles like knitted throws or sheepskin rugs can be draped over or near the coffee table to add texture and warmth.
  4. Candles: Scandinavians love their candles, especially during the short winter days. Opt for simple white pillar candles or votives to brighten the space.
  5. Simplicity is Key: In keeping with the minimalist aspect of Scandinavian design, don’t overdo it. Less is often more.
  6. Natural Greenery: Add touches of nature with simple green branches or a small potted plant. Evergreen sprigs or eucalyptus leaves work beautifully.
  7. Geometric Shapes: Consider incorporating geometric shapes or patterns in small doses, like a modern vase or graphic table runner.
  8. Metal Accents: A touch of metal, like a brass bowl or copper mug, can offer a sophisticated contrast to the softer, natural elements.
  9. Quality over Quantity: Choose fewer, well-made items over a large number of decorations. Each piece should be both beautiful and functional.

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​Boho Style Christmas Coffee Table Decor Ideas

For a Boho Christmas coffee table that captures modern sensibilities, the key is to focus on texture and eclectic elements. Here are some tips to achieve that look:

  1. Layering is Your Friend: Use a textured table runner or a patterned cloth as your base. This will immediately add depth to your setup.
  2. Earthy Elements: Incorporate natural elements like driftwood, pinecones, or even succulents. These bring in a touch of nature, vital for the boho vibe.
  3. Add Feathers: A couple of feathers can add a whimsical touch. Stick them in a vase or lay them flat on the table, intertwined with garland or string lights.
  4. Soft Textiles: Consider adding small cushions or a fur rug underneath the coffee table. This adds softness to the overall look, inviting people to sit down and stay a while.
  5. Metallic Accents: While boho is often about earthy tones, a dash of metallic can make the scene pop. Think gold or copper candle holders or even a metal bowl for a mix of fruits or ornaments.
  6. Vintage Items: Boho style often incorporates vintage or well-loved items. An old lantern or some weathered books can contribute to the theme without requiring any additional investment.
  7. Bead Strings: Consider hanging bead strings from the table edges or even creating a bead centerpiece. They add both color and texture, enhancing the boho feel.

These ideas should help you create a cozy yet modern Boho Christmas coffee table that’s both inviting and Insta-worthy.

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DIY Christmas Coffee Table Decor

If you’re keen on adding a personalized touch to your home this holiday season, consider diving into some DIY projects for your coffee table. Here are five simple and budget-friendly DIY Christmas coffee table decor ideas:

  1. Mason Jar Snow Globes: All you need are some mason jars, fake snow, and small ornaments or figurines. Place your chosen item inside the jar, add fake snow, and seal it up. You’ve got yourself a homemade snow globe that doubles as a beautiful centerpiece.
  2. Wooden Tray with Candle Holders: Pick up a wooden tray from a craft store and paint or stain it in a color that matches your decor. Add a few small pillar candles, and you can even decorate around them with pinecones or small ornaments for added flair.
  3. Handmade Coasters: Use pieces of felt or cork to create your own Christmas-themed coasters. Cut them into shapes like Christmas trees, stars, or even simple circles. Paint or draw on them for added personalization.
  4. DIY Faux Fur Rug: Cut a piece of faux fur fabric into a small rectangle or circle and place it under your coffee table. This adds a touch of coziness and is especially fitting if you’re going for a winter wonderland theme.
  5. Paper Snowflakes: Remember making paper snowflakes as a kid? It’s time to bring that skill back. Make snowflakes of different sizes and shapes and hang them above the coffee table or even lay them flat as part of the decor. 

Creating your own Christmas coffee table decor is an easy way to infuse your space with holiday spirit, and the best part is, it’s all made by you. These DIY projects are not only budget-friendly but also add a personalized touch that makes your home truly unique during the festive season.

What’s the best color scheme to use for Christmas coffee table decor?

The best color scheme for your Christmas coffee table decor ultimately depends on your personal preference and how it fits with your existing home decor. Traditional red and green are always a hit, but you can also go for a more minimalist look with white and silver. If you’re aiming for elegance, gold accents can add a luxurious touch. Consider the color of your existing furniture and decorations when choosing your scheme to create a cohesive look.

How can I make my coffee table look festive on a budget?

Decorating your coffee table for Christmas doesn’t have to break the bank. Small pinecones, a strand of fairy lights, and a few strategically placed ornaments can go a long way. If you have old Christmas cards, you can arrange them in a neat stack or even hang them on a small tabletop tree. Utilize what you already have, and perhaps invest in a statement piece like a centerpiece that you can use year after year.

How do I choose the right centerpiece for my coffee table?

Choosing the right centerpiece for your coffee table depends on the size of the table and the overall theme you’re going for. For smaller tables, a simple bowl filled with ornaments or pinecones can work well. If you have more space to play with, a larger centerpiece like a miniature Christmas tree or a holiday-themed lantern could be more appropriate. Make sure the centerpiece complements your chosen color scheme and doesn’t overwhelm the table.

How can I make my coffee table decor kid-friendly?

To make your coffee table decor kid-friendly, consider using unbreakable ornaments and avoiding small items that could be a choking hazard. Battery-operated candles are a safer option than real ones. Incorporate soft elements like stuffed snowmen or Santa figures that kids can safely interact with. Fabric or felt tree ornaments can be a cute and safe addition to a coffee table accessible to kids.

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