How to Create a Luxury Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree

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I’m a big fan of Christmas tree trends and looks so this year I wanted to try out something new and different. Using all Balsam Hill products I’ve recreated my version of a modern Winter Wonderland Christmas tree trend for a classic, elegant and timeless festive theme.

In previous years I’ve partnered with Balsam Hill to setup a Christmas Tree for a local charity but this time I was keen to see how I could make it work in my own home.

Balsam Hill are synonymous with quality when it comes to Christmas decorations but our home isn’t huge and I was keen to see if their products could work in our living room space.

Here’s what I did.

A luxury Winter Wonderland filled with presents surrounding a magnificent Christmas tree.

How to Choose a Balsam Hill Christmas Tree

Balsam Hill trees are luxurious and an investment for longevity. Buy one of these trees and you won’t need another for many years to come.

You’ll need to choose wisely though to ensure the tree meets your needs.

Size: Be sure you can accommodate the height and width of the tree. Go as tall as you can. We are lucky as we have high ceilings so can take a 7′ tree plus tree topper. The issue for us is the width. Some of the Balsam Hill trees are large, so I opted for a slim tree. Important to remember, you can increase the width of your tree by 6 inches. Once the tree is in situ, it’s possible to bend the back branches slightly so you get the full impact of a larger tree without taking up valuable space on the lower branches.

Easy Plug Lights: How many times have you fought with the lights only to find they don’t work, or there aren’t enough? With the easy plug lights system, plug in the base section then add sections 2 and 3. As they connect the light automatically light up. Honestly this is a game changer!

Storage: In our Victorian home with loft conversion, attic space is limited, so we need to be able to store the tree easily. Balsam Hill trees come with a soft storage bag to keep the tree safe, but also means you can do away with the rigid box. Perfect.

I chose the Woodland Spruce 7′ with Clear LED Candlelight and Easy Plug Lights system.

This is a Slim shape without sacrificing on height, and realistic needles. Over 500 lights adorn the branches plus gloves for adjusting branches and a tree stand are included.

Alternatives that might also work for this theme:

A Luxury cat is standing next to a Christmas tree.

Assembling the Tree

First start with the base and slot in the 1st section. At this point you can plug in the socket to switch on the lights. Next take section 2 and drop it into the hole. The lights will automatically switch on. Finally add section 3 – it’s really that simple.

Next start to shape the tree. The longer you spend doing this the better and more realistic your tree will look. I’ll be honest, I could have spent longer on this particularly as the tree is brand new.

YouTube video

What is special about Balsam Hill trees?

A close up of a luxury Christmas tree with winter lights.

Balsam Hill trees are among the best available and are well renowned for their realistic needle foliage at different budgets.

First and foremost is Balsam Hill’s method for creating realistic evergreen foliage, True Needle® technology. Using individually molded bi-coloured plastic needles, the True Needle® method is simply the finest means available for creating realistic artificial Christmas trees. Second, Balsam Hill’s Signature Collection trees are each based on natural evergreen species, providing a gorgeous, true-to-life texture, silhouette and colouring. Your artificial tree becomes the perfect canvas for your favourite Christmas ornaments and Christmas lights.

How realistic are Balsam Hill trees?

This is the best tree I’ve ever had (I’ve tried many over the years) particularly in terms of realism. The branches are sturdy, the needles are dense and the overall effect is one of quality and luxury.

Are Balsam Hill trees worth it?

If you love a luxury Christmas tree and want it to last then yes, these trees are worth it. If you love the ease and simplicity of assembling and lighting your tree, then 100% these are worth the investment.

Balsam Hill Winter Wonderland Tree Decorations

Two luxury glass ornaments hanging on a Christmas tree.
Luxury Christmas ornaments hanging on a Christmas tree in a Winter Wonderland.

If you’re looking for luxury tree decorations in a timeless design, Balsam Hill is the ultimate destination.

I chose 3 different types from the Winter White collection knowing that they would all coordinate beautifully to create my Winter Wonderland theme. With glitter accents and frosty finishes, this winter bauble set captures the enchantment of a snowy Christmas day.

These are the best ornaments I have ever seen! They’re large, impactful with many different designs in the set and just beautiful.

How many tree decorations do you need for a 7′ tree?

A luxury silver Christmas ornament hanging on a Christmas tree.

Depending on the type of finish you want, you can vary the number of ornaments you add to your tree. For a full look, on a 7′ tree, choose 70 ornaments. If you want a more minimal style, you could drop to around 50.

I chose over 70 for this look but ended up using around 55. The finished result could definitely be fuller.

How to Decorate a Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree

A luxury Christmas tree adorned with ornaments and lights, creating a winter wonderland.

For the Winter White theme, I chose glass ornaments in a white and metallic style, some with additional feathers and jewels. This is a modern take on winter wonderland, adding in gold, silver and plenty of sparkle.

Everything arrived beautifully packaged with not one single breakage (I cautiously expected at least a couple of broken baubles!).

Here are descriptions of the ornaments.

  • Glass Baubles, Set of 25. I used 2 sets.
    • Feature assorted white and clear glass bulbs, balls, and finial-shaped baubles with glitter accents
    • Each measures 2″–4″ in diameter x 3.5″–10″ high
  • Globe Baubles, Set of 12
    • Feature assorted clear and white glass globes with glitter accents
    • Each measures 3.15″–4″ in diameter x 3.5-4.25″ high
  • Icicles, Set of 12
    • Feature clear glass icicles
    • Each measures 0.6″ in diameter x 7.57″ high
A luxurious collection of gold and silver glass ornaments, perfect for creating a Winter Wonderland on your Christmas Tree.

Firstly I took the largest ornaments and spread them evenly around the tree.

Next, I chose the smaller varieties filling in the gaps.

Finally I added the icicles throughout the tree ensuring an even coverage.

I kept the overall look relatively minimal and had around 12 ornaments left in the box which could be used to create a ‘fuller’ finish.

Lastly I added the Jewelled Star to the top of the tree and the look was complete! The new kitten certainly loved it.

A luxurious Christmas tree adorned with presents in a cozy living room, creating a winter wonderland atmosphere.

Shop the Look

If you’d like to recreate this look for your own Winter Wonderland Christmas tree trend, these are the products I used. All are from Balsam Hill.

Cost of the Look:

Tree alone: £799 / £399 in the Black Friday sale

Tree with Ornaments: £1694 / £1069 in the Black Friday sale

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How to create a luxurious winter wonderland Christmas tree.
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