23 Clever Christmas Tree Ideas for Small Spaces [2023]

Do you have a small living room that needs a mini Christmas tree? If so, keep reading. We have curated 23 clever Christmas tree ideas for small spaces this holiday season.

Just because you have a smaller home doesn’t mean you can’t bring festive cheer into your rooms. All you need is a smaller Christmas tree and there are lots of great ways to include a tiny tree into your home.

Whether you prefer a real Christmas tree, a faux tree, or simply want to adorn your smaller home with holiday decorations, we have lots of creative Christmas tree ideas to make make your home one of the best places to be this Christmas season.

Small Christmas Tree Ideas for a Small House

1. Small Artificial Trees

twig small christmas tree with colourful baubles, ideal for small spaces

There are many small trees for tight spaces available, your job is to choose your favorite. How do you choose? Think about making the tree, however big or small, the focal point of the room. Even a simple small twig tree like this one has big impact. 

2. Small Wreath

Green wreath on black door, alternative to Christmas tree in a small home

Bring some holiday cheer to your front door with a festive wreath, if you don’t have the square footage in your home for a large Christmas tree.

3. Coffee Table Tree

Tiny tabletop Christmas tree for a small space

I love styling the coffee table at Christmas time, and adding a small coffee table mini tree to your living room coffee table is a simple way to introduce a small tree. 

4. Tiny Christmas Tree

Wooden small Christmas tree on a mantlepiece

If you want that traditional Christmas tree look but don’t have space for a big Christmas tree, there are lots of alternatives for your smaller space. These tiny wooden Christmas trees are perfect for the minimal look.

5. Tabletop Christmas Tree

Traditional small Christmas tree in a rustic sack on a tabletop

This beautiful tabletop Christmas tree is from unfurnish.com

A tabletop tree is perfect for a small room when you don’t have the floor space to hold a larger Christmas tree. Pop it on any table, chest, console table, or mantelpiece.

6. Wall Christmas Tree

Wall hanging alternative Christmas tree in a rustic lodge

Use Poinsettias to create your unique Christmas tree for your small room. 

There are so many ways to create Christmas cheer in the home, and a wall tree is a great way to bring Christmas decorations into small living spaces.

I find this is such a fun way to bring the festive touch into a smaller room in the home. It’s one of my favourite decor ideas during the holiday season.

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7. Make Your Own Christmas Tree

Small Christmas tree, alternative style in a plant pot

When space is of a premium, why not make your own Christmas tree, choosing different sizes to suit the size of your home. I love the idea of using potted plants in unusual ways to your own unique shapes this festive season.

8. Use Fairy Lights

We love the idea of using string lights to create the illusion of a real Christmas tree; the perfect solution when you don’t have much space.

9. Slim Christmas Tree

Green slim Christmas tree in small home surrounded by gold wrapped Christmas gifts

One of our top tips around using slim Christmas trees is to focus on simple ornaments. If you’re short on precious floor space, you can utilise the ceiling height in your room instead and opt for a taller tree.

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10. Miniature Christmas Trees

Miniature, rustic Christmas tree in a small living room

Smaller living spaces require much smaller Christmas trees and there are some very cute miniature trees to choose from. Pop them into your studio apartment, loft, flat or tiny home where you need them.

11. Simple Garland

If you don’t have space for a real tree why not use a simple garland of berries, twigs, flowers and pine cones to create the rustic feel of a smaller tree this festive season?

12. Potted Pine Tree for Christmas

Tiny, white snowy Christmas tree perfect for a small home

You might not have space for a grand Christmas tree but you can still bring festive cheer into your small home with a Potted Pine Christmas tree. The smell would be divine too, and you can even move it around different rooms if you need to.

13. Wintery Scene

Image: Beaumonde

Why not bring a white Christmas into your home by creating a simple wintery scene. You can use simple wooden ornaments adorned with Christmas lights, pine cones, winter berries and even a spray of fake snow!

14. Abstract Piece of Neutral Art

Art from Desenio

Add some festive wall art to your small walls instead of a Christmas tree in the room, to add festive cheer to any home.

15. Decorate Your Window Sills with Paper Snowflakes

Hanging paper snowflake which can be used to make a small Christmas tree in a small home

It might not be the most traditional of Christmas trees, but a grouping of paper snowflakes suspended in a tree shape is a great idea as an alternative tree.

16. DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

Ladder Christmas tree with Christmas lights against a white wall, as an alternative Christmas tree in a smaller home

Why not make your own? There are lots of ideas in this list you can adopt into your own unique Christmas tree which suits the shape and size of your home perfectly.

Try making a DIY Christmas Tree ladder and using Christmas lights to bring it to life.

17. Christmas Tree Candles

These Christmas tree candles make a stunning alternative to the traditional tree. And whilst they’ll disappear once lit, they can be easily replaced. 

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18. Fireside Paper Christmas Tree

Paper Christmas trees ideal as a fireplace small christmas tree in a small home

You may not have space for a large Christmas tree but we love this alternative paper tree, perfect for showing off next to the fireplace. 

19. Small Musical Christmas Tree

Small white musical Christmas tree

Pop this on your mantlepiece and switch it on for a musical Christmas treat. We adore this musical Christmas tree as a perfect alternative to a large Christmas tree.

20. Hanging Christmas Tree

Rustic hanging Christmas tree ideal in a small home

When you don’t have much floor space for a traditional style Christmas tree, make use of your ceiling height and go for a hanging Christmas tree instead.

21. Christmas Terrariums

Alternative to a traditional Christmas tree, a set of Christmas decorated Terrariums ideal for a small home

It might not be a traditional festive scene, but creating a wintery Christmas Terrarium is a creative, and innovative way of bringing festive cheer into your smaller space.

22. Christmas Tree Candles

Candles by Rockett St. George

Group a set of differing height candles and candle holders together to create a Christmas tree alternative. Pop them on a mantelpiece or tray on a coffee table, decorate with festive scenery and garlands and you have a very cool Christmas tree for a small home. 

23. 2D Christmas Tree

Gold, flat miminal 2d Christmas tree decorated with a few gold and white baubles, perfect in a smaller home

When you don’t have a lot of room but still want a Christmas tree, try something modern and contemporary like this 2D Gold Christmas Tree from Cox & Cox.

So do you have plenty of inspiration for a small Christmas tree in your small home? 

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