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As you probably know I’m a big fan of Photobox and their wonderful photographic products. Recently I made a video about their lovely collage wall canvas and even had an article published on the Photobox blog.

I’ve been looking at a few of the different types of items that Photobox have available, that make great Christmas presents.

Firstly I’m a big fan of photographic smartphone cases and so I’ve tried out the iPhone case for my new phone. As with all of the Photobox products I’ve tried you can play about with the layout and the effects once you’ve uploaded your photos. After I created the Photo Journals recently I had a huge number of photos uploaded to the site already and so it was really easy to select those I wanted for the phone case. I played about with different sizes and layouts, making the most of the photos I wanted to use and then added a kind of vintage effect to all of the images. It’s so easy to do, and you can even add some text too if you wanted to.


phone case

The personliased iPhone case is normally £21.99.

Next I’ve tried out the deluxe day planner because every blogger needs a good diary! I have to admit this one took a little time to put together as it needed more than 52 images, one for each week of the year, but it was well worth the effort. The print quality is fantastic and I’m thrilled with the way this has turned out. And I’m really glad I added the optional pale blue faux leather case too. I can’t wait to use this next year.

Photobox Deluxe photo diary book2 book3

I think I must have run out of photos if I added one of myself. Still it’s from the night of the Cosmo win so a lovely one to look back on.

The Deluxe photo diary starts at £20.99 but at the time of writing is just £10.99.

And then finally I had to try out some very cool and different photo frames. Well they’re not really even frames; Photobox call them Aluminium Photo Panels. The metal panels have the image embedded within them making for some very interesting home decor. I’ve been wanting to give the shelves in my den a little tidy and makeover and so these panels came at just the right time. I chose two of my favourite images of the girls from this year, added another vintage style effect and a few days later they had arrived.

The fill a shelf beautifully and I’ve even managed to co-ordinate them to the decor!

Shelf makeover

photo panelsphoto panels 2

Don’t they look cool? I love the way the light reflects from them, and can’t believe how thin they are. Definitely something interesting and different for the den shelves this Christmas.

The Aluminium photo panels normally cost £15.99 for a 7×5 inch size but again at the time of writing are just £12.79. It’s well worth keeping an eye on the Photobox website for their offers and deals.

Thank you to Photobox for providing all of the products mentioned. Opinions and comments are honest, genuine and my own.

Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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She has an insatiable love of home interiors, has worked with hundreds of brands, and currently supports many bloggers within the creative industries to share their expertise through writing.
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