How to Create a Christmas Themed Playroom

So my last Christmas themed post of 2016 is a cute guest post on how to bring Christmas decor into a kids’ playroom. A great way to extend the Christmas cheer throughout the whole house.

Christmas is an exciting time of year for the whole family to enjoy, and the tradition of decorating your Christmas tree and filling the house with seasonal decorations dates back to the early 1900’s. But what about when it comes to transforming other areas of your house ready for the festive season?

If your children have their own dedicated playroom, it’s a great idea to add a little Christmas cheer there, creating a Christmas themed playroom that they can enjoy, getting them ready for Santa coming down the chimney.

Here The Rug Seller takes a look at a few ways you can instil the Christmas spirit into your kids playroom.


original_gold-partridge-in-a-pear-tree-wall-stickerYou might be thinking we’re expecting you to paint your walls a fresh coat of red and green, but don’t worry – you can put the paint rollers away!

There’s great wall decals that can be easily stuck to the wall and are removable once the festive season is over. If these aren’t really your thing, choose pictures in frames to enhance the walls.

Their playroom is their place to escape, make a mess and play, and giving them somewhere that could be dressed up as their own Santa’s Grotto is the perfect way to get them excited about Christmas!

Christmas Books

Every good playroom has a well-stocked book shelf; and during the Christmas months it’s a great time to introduce a wider range of books into your kids’ lives, these can then be removed after the Christmas period have ended and brought out again to renew interest in them.


christmas-toy-sackWhether it’s your kids dolls or teddy’s or even action figures, you could have great fun making your own Christmas jumpers for them to dress them up and make them more festive.

We’re also sure you could find some specific Christmas themed toys, there’s definitely some musical and animated toys available for the Christmas season that could be lined up; but we also know there’s a lot of toys that will be being saved for Santa to bring down the chimney!

Why not include a craft table where they can make Christmas crafts? They could make their own Christmas cards to send to the people in their class, or pictures that you can put up around the house to add to the decorations!

Christmas Clothes

Kids love to play dress up!

Everyone knows that. And what better time of year to get into costume than Christmas?

Let your kids’ imaginations run wild with dress up clothes that will get them into the festive spirit and let them play with one another in their Christmas environment.


cotton-fairylightsFrom Christmas themed lights, to everyday Christmas decorations, there’s little ways that you can add a touch of the Christmas spirit into your children’s playroom, but it’s important to make sure you’re being safe too as many Christmas decorations can contain small parts which might not be suitable for kids.

Adding coloured fairy lights to a wall can instantly brighten up the room and get them excited! You could also add a Christmas themed rug to the floor to create a cosy atmosphere.

Images: Not on the High Street || Etsy || Cotton Ball Lights

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