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Today’s guest post is talking about one of the staple looks in interior design; the traditional look, and how it’s making a comeback! Enjoy.

Interior design themes seem to come and go like the seasons, whether it’s French provincial, modern industrial or sixties retro. As soon as a room is redecorated, it’s no longer in vogue. The one exception to this is the traditional look, and it’s making a comeback.

Traditional interior design is making a comeback

Belle Maison 23


There is nothing shocking or provocative about traditional décor. It’s calm, organised and oddly comforting. Nothing is ostentatious or out of place; everything belongs. But if you think traditional is synonymous with boring hotel chains, you would be wrong. At Urban Retreat Apartments, you can see a selection of beautifully designed interiors which have this desirable quality.


Think classic lines and soft edges. Elegant but not fussy. Upholstery fabric should never be shiny or too textured; plain colours or muted patterns are preferable, with piped edges to give a subtle touch of opulence. Leather can work but it should be something like a Chesterfield, rather than a garish, Spanish-style sofa with wood trim. Wood furniture is usually dark, and has a mixture of straight and curved lines. Rococo would be completely at odds with a traditional room, so choose period pieces carefully. Georgian and Victorian work well and if you can’t afford original items, then opt for top quality reproductions. The key point to remember is everything must go together seamlessly, without necessarily matching.


No cerise pink or lime green here, but despite the palette being mainly mid-tones, it doesn’t have to be boring. You may choose mushroom for the walls but the drapes and rugs can introduce accent colours, to offset the neutrality. For upholstery, choose from classic colours such as chocolate brown, olive green or navy.

Lighting and Accessories

Forget uplighters – brass or wood standard lamps are de rigueur. Table lamps should have ceramic bases with silk shades. On display there can be vases, wall mirrors, landscapes and possibly a studio glass bowl on the coffee table. There should be nothing that stands out or attracts undo attention. You probably wouldn’t find a Hockney in a traditional drawing room, although some designers like to experiment with modern are in a traditional room.

The appeal of a traditional room is that it’s conducive to relaxation and comfort. Everything blends and flows. It’s inviting. The décor isn’t out to impress anyone; it’s quietly confident.

Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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