Ultimate Painting Checklist from Crown Paints

Let’s talk about how to create the ultimate painting checklist.

painting checklistWhether you are a pro or decorating newbie, you needn’t fear when it comes to painting your home.

As with all things in life, practice makes perfect and with experience comes expertise. All homeowners can cast their mind back to their very first decorating project that most likely went awry of which countless mistakes occurred.

We’ve all been there, done it, and got the paint in our hair to prove it.

But there are things we can do to make the experience stress-free and as smooth as possible. Careful preparation and research is essential and this can be achieved by working off a good checklist!

The Ultimate Painting Checklist

So in celebration of National Checklist Day today – 30th October (yes it’s an actual day that is celebrated annually every year!) Crown Paints has compiled the ultimate handy guide that will leave you feeling excited, not apprehensive, about your upcoming decorating project.

The Right Equipment and Materials:

Choosing a good quality paint is essential to make sure it lasts and you achieve the end desired look. No-one wants to be repainting in another 6 months’ time simply because you chose poor quality paint!

Painting checklist

Some paints are specially made for certain room conditions, so if you are painting a room like the kitchen or bathroom that is exposed to moisture, make sure you purchase specialist paint for that room to avoid peeling or cracking. If you’re painting a wall that has heavy footfall- like the hallway- pick up paint that is durable so you can wipe away marks and scuffs.

Here are all the essentials on your painting checklist:

  • Good quality paint brushes in various sizes – if you’re using water based paints, use synthetic brushes
  • Paint roller and tray (extension poles for ceilings and stairs)
  • Paint basecoats or primer- using an undercoat will give you a neutral base to paint onto and improve the finish of the final look
  • Cover sheets to protect the floors (old duvet sets work a charm)
  • Filler for any holes that need filling
  • Decorating tape
  • Scraper for filling in any cracks
  • Sandpaper
  • Ladders

Prepare the Room:

Beautiful washed painted wall in a dining room

Next up on the painting checklist is room prep – the key ingredient to a great finish! Here’s your room prep checklist:

  • Empty the room of its furniture and contents or move them into the middle of the room
  • Lay down the dust sheets and tape up any edges (skirting boards, door frames, window frames and any other fittings)
  • Fill any holes with your filler and sand down until smooth
  • Wash down the walls with sugar, soap and clean water if the walls are dirty or greasy

Do you have small children with greasy hands, or pets or even nicotine stained walls? You may want to use an extra durable paint with scrubbable stain resistant technology.

Get Painting:

Washed out paint effect in browns and creamWith all the planning, preparation and consideration ticked off your painting checklist, you’re ready to get started. For best practice, you should:

  • Start by painting the ceilings – cut in with a smaller brush at the edges and fill in with your roller
  • Start painting the walls one at a time (once the ceiling is dry)
  • If you’re adding a feature wall, you will want to tackle this last once the paint on your other walls has dried

Your woodwork should always be completed after the walls have dried. Again, go through the same prep you did earlier but tape the walls, floors and any other areas you don’t want to paint.

Once you have sanded the areas down, you’re ready to start your woodwork. Choose a high-quality gloss, satin or eggshell paint depending on the finish you want.

Clean Up:

Blue and cream living room Make sure you leave everything to dry properly before carefully moving all the furniture back into the room. It may be worthwhile cleaning the floors beforehand by giving them a good sweep/mop.

The last thing you would want is to move all the heavy furniture back into the room to spot some paint splashes on the floor that can then not be reached.


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Ready to get started with your painting checklist?

Head over to Crown Paints paint tester pots to try before you decide to paint the whole room!

You can also see my latest painting efforts in the Teen Bedroom Makeover post. 

Images:  Courtesy of Crown Paints

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    Well said! I’m hoping we can reface our cabinets soon. We’ll see..

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    October 1, 2019 / 10:14 am

    Interior designing is my thing. I definitely love these ideas. I hope to them into use soon in my bungalow.

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