How to Introduce Marrs Green Into Your Home

Marrs Green has recently been voted the most favourite colour in the world in a survey conducted by Hull 2017 UK City of Culture and paper merchant G. F. Smith. Named after Annie Marrs from Dundee who chose the colour, people were invited to hover over an infinite selection of shades until the they landed on their favourite. The 30,000 results, gained over a 6 month period were then combined to find the most popular shade. Marrs Green, a mix of blue, green and teal was revealed as the identifier of the most popular colours.

So are we going to be seeing an influx of this shade into our homes and interiors in the coming months and seasons? I would imagine it’s very likely. It’s a much easier colour to work with than the Pantone Colour of the Year, Greenery, a much more acidic, harsher tone that doesn’t blend so well into other combinations.

I find Marrs Green a much more appealing shade, one that I would readily use in my home, and one that really appeals to my eye. If we start to see this coming through in interiors and accessories, how do we begin to incorporate it into our current schemes, and how easily is it combined into current looks?

Here are some tips and observations on how to use this beautiful shade in your home.

#1 Colour Schemes

Marrs Green works really well with other colours. Try it with a basic neutral scheme incorporating taupes and warm beige tones for a calm and sophisticated look; a palette that many people already live with, which won’t jar with existing pieces.

The image above is from Style Studio who offer a range of beautiful blinds in this gorgeous teal shade, (and many others), which is the perfect way to start introducing this colour. Style Studio’s website is packed with inspiration and advice on the latest trends as well as inspiration galleries for more ideas.
You can order up to five free fabric samples and even try out your blinds within different room sets using the online interior design tool. Style Studio window blinds are available nationwide, just visit the website to find your nearest stockist.

Alternatively, liven things up and look to yellows and oranges, colours that sit on the opposite side of the colour wheel, to bring a vibrant scheme together. Focus on one colour as the main shade, and add accents of the others to offer a balance. Not a look for the faint-hearted but a different way to bring this lush shade into your space.

Finally, mix the green with metallics and shades like pink. Like emerald green it will sit well with both hues and give you an on-trend, contemporary look perfect for a modern home.

#2 Add Accents

If you’re not brave enough to paint whole rooms in this colour, use it as an accent. Drip the colour into your room, if the current scheme will allow it, to bring the warmth and vibrancy of this shade into your home. Add cushions, candles, the odd vase here and there, a new blind or even incorporate the shade through your rug. It’s easier than you think, and great fun introducing a new colour into an existing scheme.

#3 Be Brave

Why not just go for it and paint some walls in this shade. Make it your primary colour in the scheme and I think you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to live with. Don’t do a statement wall, if you like this colour, paint ALL the walls in the room, accenting with your favourite shades to complete the look. Pinks and yellows will make it more vibrant, calming taupes will tone it down, whilst adding black with make it bold and add further impact.

Check out this new Pinterest board I’ve started pulling together to showcase how this colour works, how it looks and what you can achieve by using it in your home.

Can you see yourself using Marrs Green in your home this Autumn? I certainly think we will be wearing it through our fashion, but it might take a season or two to get into our interiors. Keep your eyes open and remember – Marrs Green, Favourite Colour of 2017.

Images: G. F. Smith || Style Studio || Asda George Home

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