Choose the Right Window Styles for your Home

If you’re venturing on a home build or a bigger home renovation, you need to take the window styles you want into careful consideration. 

When we were building the loft conversion, choosing the windows was one of the hardest decisions. Let’s be honest, how many of us ever do this in our adult life? It feels very grown up!

It can also feel a bit dull. It’s not pretty and fluffy like paint colours, cushions and wall art, but they are an essential part of a build and something that you will live with for a very long time. 

So you need to get them right. 

How do you choose window styles for your property?

Well let’s discuss further. 

Slimline Windows

Traditionally these window styles offer more glass and have a slimmer edging profile. Often made from aluminium there are slimline uPVC windows available too.

Companies like Sheerwater Glass home improvements in Surrey have a type of this window which they have developed.

With 12% more glass than a standard window, their ultra slim profile uPVC windows are the thinnest uPVC windows in the UK and will fill your home with light – creating a space that feels bright and spacious.

They suit any type of home and are great for those that want to focus on saving energy. 

Casement Windows

These are pretty traditional double glazed windows which can be designed to suit your needs. 

I have these all over my own home, replacing the older, less efficient windows. We certainly noticed a huge difference in the heat within the home and the lower energy bills

Sash Windows

The ideal choice in a period property and sometimes in a new build too. 

An update on the original sash window, they come in a variety of materials from wood, to uPVC and aluminium. Choose the one you love best and that fits the style of your property. 

Sash windows are quite on trend now, turning up in all kinds of homes. As they don’t necessarily need a lot of upkeep, compared to the originals, replacement sash windows are a great, stylish option. 

Tilt and Turn Windows

This style of window is extremely versatile and very useful due to its flexibility in design

The flexible opening options make it a popular choice with home owners.

We have a tilt and turn window in the loft which enables us to open it fully to clean the outside glass

They are incredibly practical yet don’t skimp on style and design


Try not to be too outlandish with your window choice. It’s a pretty permanent feature which can affect the value of the property and your ability to sell if, should you need it. 

Conservatism around window choices would be my recommended approach. 



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  1. John
    April 26, 2022 / 9:57 am

    Good guide, I especially like the pictures. I usually use Dako for my windows, I think they work just fine.

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