The Top Garden Trends 2019 – What’s Hot in Your Garden

What are the top garden trends 2019?

Whether Summer is just teasing us or whether she’s here to stick around, it’s definitely the perfect time of year to start working on our outdoor spaces.

Let’s create the perfect sanctuary to while away the long hot afternoons. Should we ever get any!

So, what trends are emerging in the gardening world for 2019?

Let yourself become inspired, dreaming of napping in the sunshine and enjoying ice cream treats as we look to what’s hot for your garden this season.


garden lighting and fire pitImage: Lights4Fun

Lighting in an outdoor space is so important, and it’s one of the hot garden trends 2019.

Not only can it create the perfect cosy atmosphere, but it also means that you can continue enjoying your garden even when the sun goes down.

Go further then hanging twinkly fairy lights and think a trio of solar lanterns nestled in a corner, stake lights illuminating your paths and flower beds or a big statement ornate wall light or two.

Bring the Inside, Outside

A hot topic in today’s world is wellbeing – and so it should be.

It’s so important to take time out and what better place to create a peaceful sanctuary to clear your mind than your garden?

Blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living with the ultimate homely, cosy vibes.

The key to ultimate garden relaxation is your outdoor furniture; we’re talking plush day beds, egg chairs to cocoon yourself into and luxurious loungers.

Why take your Sunday afternoon nap indoors when you could be just as comfortable outdoors?

Take a look at Skyline Design’s luxury range of rattan furniture for a sofa-shaped slice of heaven that will last you a lifetime.

Grow Your Own Garden Trend

Grow your own plants and veg part of the garden trends 2019Image: Garden Trading

Sustainability is another massively hot topic at the moment, particularly when it comes to food.

We are so much more aware of the food that we’re buying, how we’re buying it and how we’re using it.

Have you considered growing your own herbs and vegetables?

It takes some time and nurturing, and may not sustain a family of four alone, but it’s a step in the right direction and best of all, it’s hugely rewarding.

Create a little vegetable corner this summer and see what goodies your garden can produce. Nature will thank you for it.

Clashing Colours

colourful flower bags on a doorstep garden trends 2019Image: Wild and Wolf

Our next suggestion for our garden trends 2019 is this.

When we think of English gardens, our minds eye meets pastel roses, sculpted topiary and patches of lavender.

This season, take kitsch into the garden.

The brighter the better, whether that’s your plants or your pots – or both.

Throw conformity out of the window and combine reds, sunshine yellows, exotic oranges and plenty of greenery.

You’re guaranteed to feel positive whenever you glance outside at your mismatch myriad of colours. If you’re looking for an accent colour for your garden this year, look no further than Pantone Colour of the Year, ‘Living Coral’.

Plant some ‘Apricot Delight’ Begonias or ‘Alfred Grille’ Dahlias for the most on-trend flowerbeds in town.

Giving Back – Garden Trend for 2019

Almost 70% of British gardeners buy food for provide homes for wildlife within their gardens.

Birds, insects, bees and more are all an important part of our ecosystems so make it your mission to do what you can to provide for your furry, winged neighbours this season and encourage more birds into your garden.

Installing a bird box is amongst one of the easiest ways – plus they look lovely.

Find a high and sheltered spot and keep seeds and fat balls nestled away inside for the birds to  enjoy.

Also, insect hotels and little bee hives are a great place for pollinators and important bugs to thrive.

bee hotel on a fenceImage: Cuprinol

Take a look at the National Trust’s selection of wildlife homes and feeders and make your garden a place for not only you to unwind, but for nature to bloom.

This summer, it’s all about creating your own little oasis of relaxation in a time when we all struggle to slow down and switch off.

Lighten it up, brighten it up and invite nature in whilst you soak up the warmer weather.

What do you think of the garden trends 2019? Are you a fan of rattan furniture? Will you be inviting in the bees? Will you be growing your own? I’d love to know. 

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  1. Emma at Ironmongery Experts
    May 20, 2019 / 11:37 am


    Thanks for sharing. I stumbled on this post as I’m looking to create an alfresco dining experience in my garden.

    I feel the one point I’ve missed is lighting and this is something I’m going to address using some of the tips you’ve addressed in your blog post.

    I look forward to reading more tips from your website.

    All the best,

    Emma from Ironmongery Experts

  2. Katy
    June 10, 2019 / 7:55 pm

    Love the pallet bug hotels my kids would love making and watching them become homes

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