Yale Smart Living All In One Outdoor Camera Review

Over the last month I’ve been testing a Yale security camera or to give it its full title – the Yale All In One Outdoor Camera. 

I’m ready to give my feedback on the product now so if you’re looking for something like this for your own home, you can decide if this product will be the right one. 

Let’s dig deeper into the details of the Yale camera:

Yale All In One Outdoor Camera Review

The Camera Details:

With the Yale All In One Camera you can detect, view, light up, talk and listen to callers and provide a full security camera and intercom system all in one product. 

Via an app on your phone you can monitor your property, see who is at your front door, talk to the person there if you want to, light the area and record activity. It’s the ultimate dream in securing your front door and ideal if you want added protection and peace of mind. 

You can talk to a delivery person if you’re not home – perhaps saying you’re busy on a work call – and ask them to leave the parcel for you. 

You can alert neighbours to unwanted activity at your door when you’re not home by firing off a siren. Surely this will frighten unwanted callers away. 

All In One Camera Features:

Let’s talk about the features in more detail, but before we do, you should know that I’ve not been able to install the camera at my front door. 

As you would imagine, the camera needs a power source and must be connected to a power socket.

Unfortunately my nearest indoor socket is not working right now and we would have had trouble feeding the cable through our front door frame. 

So, instead we decided to install the camera in our backyard, overseeing our back gate and giving us a security light in this area. 

It’s been a good compromise so I can test the security camera effectively but read on to find out what I now think with regards to its position. 

In App Control: The Yale View App allows you to control the camera from your smartphone. I’ve downloaded this and control our camera with it. It works easily and intuitively. 

Built In Spotlight: You can switch this on and off from the app, or allow it to come on automatically when it detects motion. It’s very bright and does a great job at lighting the area. 

Two Way Talk: I love this feature! Press the talk button on the app and have a conversation with someone at the camera. They don’t need to do anything except talk back. There’s a slight delay but nothing too noticeable. 

No Monthly Fees: Simply buy your device, set it up and you’re good to go. 

Siren Alarm: If you set this off from the app, understand that it’s quite loud and will scare away any unsavoury characters or unwanted callers. 

Motion Detect Alerts: You will always know when someone arrives at your door. If you add an SD card to the camera it will also record activity. 

Image Masking: This allows you to know when a visitor enters a specific area in front of your camera. A good feature if, like us, you have people walking on the pavement not far from the front door. 

Weatherproof: You can mount the camera outdoors on the integrated wall bracket, or use indoors as a freestanding camera. 

Outdoor Security Camera Setup:

The first step was to connect the camera to the wifi and app. 

The camera and phone need to be very close to your router to perform this and whilst it may seen strange, follow the instructions and it’s very simple. (I did have a few issues here but I hadn’t scrolled down the app far enough to see the ‘next’ button!). 

It took just a few minutes to get everything connected. (Be careful to do this before you connect the camera and cable to the wall. 

Next, it’s very simple to attach the camera to a wall, although the included instructions aren’t overly detailed. If you’re happy drilling a few holes (there’s a rough template included) then you will be fine. 

We placed the camera in an area of our back garden where it will focus on the back door and gate. 

After drilling in the holes, we screwed it to the wall and secured the cables down the wall. We have an outdoor socket in this area giving the camera the required power source. 

Yale Security Camera Usage:

I’ve been using the Yale Security camera for a few weeks now. 

The app is easy to use and offers a view of the area from my phone as well as the ability to two way talk, turn on the siren or record activity. 

The security light is excellent and bright and perfect for accessing this part of the garden in the dark. 

I feel happier that the back of the house is monitored and we can see who or what comes and goes there. Activity is recorded too which can be accessed via the app. 

In fact, we love this so much we are investigating how to get it fitted at the front door so we can make the most of the features. We may keep this current one at the back door and buy an additional unit for the front. 

They can be linked together on the same app so we can control them both easily from the same location. 

So there you go, don’t forget to think about how you’ll power the unit from inside the property, but once you do, I highly recommend the Yale security camera. It works easily and effortlessly and does exactly what it says it will, without issue. 

If you’d like to find out more about the Yale All In One Outdoor Camera, it can be purchased on the website for £119. 

This is a collaborative post but all opinions are honest and my own. Thank you for supporting the brands who make the blog possible. 

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