The Benefits of uPVC Sash Windows

The benefits of upvc sash windowsNeed to know the benefits of uPVC sash windows? Well, keep reading and let me help you identify if they are right for you and your home.

If you live in a period home it’s possible you have sash windows installed. Perhaps they’re coming to the end of their life and you’d like to replace them rather than have them repaired.

If that’s the case you may well be considering uPVC sash windows as an alternative so why not find out why they could be a good choice for you.

The Benefits of uPVC Sash Windows:

Background of UPVC Sash Windows:

Before we take a look at the benefits of uPVC sash windows, let’s just talk about their background.

The term ‘sash’ window comes from “Chassis” which is French for the word frame. They first graced the windows of homes around the 17th century, at Chatsworth, Ham House, Hampton Court Palace and Kensington Palace.

The Royal Seal of approval gave sash windows the status symbol they needed to become highly fashionable and a status symbol of the times.

In recent years, uPVC sash windows are more widely available, aiming to replicate the aesthetic qualities of traditional wooden sash windows, while overcoming many of the shortcomings.

Reasons to Install uPVC Sash Windows:

Low Maintenance:

Original sash windows are very high maintenance, particularly as they get older and take a look of repair work and regular upkeep. Be mindful that you’ll need to find an expert in sash window repairs too which can add to the cost.

Even if you feel you can paint them yourself every few years, remember it takes time and energy out of your schedule.

Cost of Sash Windows:

There are numerous reasons why people prefer upvc sash windows but the overriding factor has to be the cost. They are significantly cheaper than wooden sash windows and so become an option for many more home owners.

When you want to maintain the look of your period property, but don’t want the expense of handmade wooden sash window replacements, uPVC sash windows are your best option.

If you check out Colin’s Sash windows you’ll find some great deals on uPVC sash windows. They have over 20 years of experience as providing these windows so have excellent customer service too. From £249 plus VAT for your sash window, you just need to find someone to install them and you’re good to go. 

Energy Efficient uPVC Sash Windows:

UPVC sash windows offer amazing energy efficiency qualities with both insulated glass and the tight construction. As a result the loss of heat from the interior of a property is considerably reduced.

The energy rating of a window depends on three things: how much heat it captures from the sun, how much of that heat is retained, and how much heat is lost through draughts and cold spots.

Always check out the energy rating of any uPVC sash window you intend to buy to ensure they meet your requirements.

Ventilation from uPVC Sash Windows

One of the most appealing features of sash windows especially in summer is that they are extremely good at keeping your house cool in warm weather.

Being able to open the windows from the top and bottom has big benefits. This allows warm air at the top of the room to escape, whilst relatively cool air from outside is drawn into the room through the bottom opening.

Furthermore, this capability allows the windows to be cleaned fully from the inside. There’s no need to get out the ladders to clean the upper floor windows from the outside.

So, do these benefits of uPVC sash windows help you to decide on your next window purchase?

Do you have uPVC sash windows in your home?


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