How to Choose the Perfect Window for Home Security

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During home renovation, we often take one thing for granted.

Our windows. 

They make up a big part of our house and do play a very important role in ventilation, the right amount of sunlight and of course, security. 

So, let’s not take our windows for granted, like they are something that automatically comes with the house and pays some special attention to it. 

Now, the first thing you need to decide is what kind of windows you would prefer. 

If you are renovating your house, it is always better to go the extra mile and change the windows as well. 

It’s always worth considering aspects like:

Maybe the glass is not that strong.

Maybe the wood has weakened.

Rather than fixing them, it is better to get a window of your choice. 

Now, there are a few things which you have to keep in mind to choose the right window. 

  • Convenience.
  • Aesthetic.
  • Security.

Why Do You Need Windows With Security?

Now, why is security such a big part of choosing the right window?  

Click to know more about window security. 

Not all burglars are going to wait for you to open the door! 

Some might even try to break in through the window. 

If you have toddlers or pets at home you need to ensure they don’t try to jump outside the window from time to time. 

After all, they are both curious creatures who just want to be in the outside world all the time. 

Sometimes, you just need to secure your windows properly and ensure that no one is able to peek outside because of yourself or all the precious items in your house that they might start targeting. 

This is one of the reasons why you need to think about security while you are planning a renovation, and consider the security of your windows.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Windows?

Now that you are looking through catalogs, here are a few things that might help you get to the right decision based on aesthetics and security.

Casement Window

When it comes to view and aesthetics, there is no other window style that can match this one. 

Yes, you can customize them to your choice, and they are excellent to keep heat and noise out. However, when it comes to security, it might not be that ironclad; and thus, you have to put other security measures for this one.

Tilt & Turn Window

This is very much an ‘it’ style in the interior design market now. 

This is because of two major components that they cover. 

They are very convenient and they are safe. 

Now, the aesthetic choices will depend on the room you will be placing them in.

Villa Window

This is what the pattern of the window looks like. It might seem like a window design that might not be that safe because of the amount of unobtrusive openness it has. 

It is actually an excellent choice for a sunroom. However, it is still going to be one of the safest choices for you because of the multilayer glass and bolts which secures this window.

Sliding Window

A very common choice for windows, but if picked right, they can give your house a very modern aesthetic and panoramic views

The safety of the sliding door is still a questionable issue. However, one can easily increase safety by taking some extra measures. 

Bay Window

This is a top-notch aesthetic.

You will see that these kinds of windows are wide, long, and protruding outside the room, giving it a look of a bay. 

They are also secured because most of the time, these windows don’t function by opening; their purpose is no ventilation. 

Extra Security For Your Windows

Here are some of the extra security measures which you can take for your windows.

Multiple Locks

If you are not feeling secure with one lock, you can always have multiple locks, which can help you sleep at night? 

If you talk with your security installation company experts, they will be able to look at the aesthetic of your window and ensure some other spaces where you can put some extra locks for extra safety. 

Although, there are some windows that will be able to provide security. You can never be too secure when it comes to your safety and your family’s.

Security Cameras Outside

If you do not have security cameras outside, it’s time to consider them. 

Just having one security camera outside the door is not enough.

What if you have a window that looks out at the huge perimeter of the backyard. A small camera here will not be sufficient, you’ll need cameras outside the window to monitor that area and beyond.

Motions Sensors

If you become the target of a burglar or a group of burglars, they might try to come near the window to test the waters. 

You will need the right kind of motion sensors, which will immediately capture any suspicious motion and capture the video in the security camera.

Breaking Window Sensors

Your windows are made of glass; and can be broken. 

This is why you will need to take further steps to secure your property from intruders. 

Window-breaking sensors immediately go off when the windowpane breaks, alerting the family and possibly the neighbors as well. 

This is a great to intimidate and deter the intruders.

Smart Lock

This might be taking it a little over the top, but smart locks are the best thing that you can do. 

You can operate the unlocking and locking of your window with just your cellular device.

Yes, it could be a little on the expensive side, but it is a great investment.

Protect Every Opening

If you are in a house and worried about the intrusion, remember that anyone can enter from anywhere possible. 

Therefore, in order to protect yourself, your family members, and all your belongings, you cannot take home security for granted. 

Take action and consider all the options for securing your windows.

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Jen Stanbrook

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