Best Lamp for Studying: 10 Desk Lights to Ease Eye Strain

Post pandemic, so many of us are still continuing to work from home in some way, whether that’s full time or in a hybrid situation. Getting your home working space setup with the best lamp for studying is key to maximising productivity and reducing eye strain. 

 Aesthetically, we want the desk lamp to work cohesively with our interiors, but the actual function is so important as it’s something that will most likely be used on a daily basis. A good table lamp really will pay for itself over and over again. 

Over time, a poor functioning lamp can cause digital eye strain, headaches and tiredness. To help set you on the road to studying success, let’s take a look at 10 of the best desk lamps for studying. 

What is The Best Colour Temperature For Desk Lamps?

Lamps for studying come in a multitude of variations.

Whilst they should look great, the actual function is more important, but the bulbs that are going to be used make the difference between being able to see well without causing computer eye strain, and what might feel like working underneath the glow of a poorly lit street light.

This is down to one thing called colour temperature.

Colour temperature is measured in degrees kelvin and describes the appearance of the light. Colour temperature starts at 1800k which is a vintage, warm, orangey style of light, going up to 6500k which is the closest to daylight.

A home office or study area is considered a ‘task’ room where a cool white light is recommended for precision and clarity of tasks.

For a study room or home office, it is best to opt for a bulb with a 4100k bulb for a bluey white, brighter light to help you feel alert, avoid eye strain and to maximise productivity. 

10 Desk Lights To Ease Eye Strain

1. SIN&MI Eye Protection LED Desk Lamp 

SIN&MI Eye Protection LED Desk Lamp 

It comes as no surprise that this uniquely designed LED table lamp for study from SIN&MI is also a number 1 best seller on Amazon. It claims that it is the thinnest LED desk lamp on the market, this makes it a favourable light for many as it can work with the smallest of desk spaces. 

The light has the option of swivelling 360° for added control over lighting your work. It is powered by a touch sensor, and has 3 levels of brightness that you can choose from. This feature is designed to help ease eye strain as your eyes warrant different levels of brightness throughout the day.


2. Best Lamp for Studying: Staples Unilux Mambo LED Lamp Black Base

Staples Unilux Mambo LED Lamp Black Base

This is one of the best table lamps for studies due to its articulated, overhead arm which is perfect for task lighting, and for focusing the light on the areas that really need it. The LED lamp is equipped with a diffuser which allows the light to spread evenly across your work. A perfect desk lamp for studying, work and reading. 


3. Dunelm Lever Arm Antique Brass Desk Lamp

brass angled desk light the best lamp for studying

Dunelm Lever Arm Antique Brass Desk Lamp

For a stylish studying lamp that will work seamlessly with your interiors, this stunning desk lamp from Dunelm is a winner for its design, and its price! It adds beautifully to the decor when you’re setting up the office too. This is a great studying lamp as it features a lever arm, enabling you to adjust the height of the lamp, distributing the light onto the areas of your work, and tasks that need it most.

4. Bienser LED Desk Lamp With Wireless Charger

Bienser LED Desk Lamp With Wireless Charger

There’s nothing worse about an electric study lamp that comes with plenty of unsightly cables. This best selling lamp for studying is a stride ahead of the rest with its wireless functionality. Simply charge it up and enjoy its cable free look during study, and work time.

It features a sleek body with a whopping 50 choices of lighting, with dimmable eye protection to help those long nights at a desk a bit more bearable. It also has a flexible arm and bottom axis, giving you full control over your lighting setup, keeping you one step ahead of the frustrating effects that digital eye strain can cause.

5. Oliver Bonas Luce Gold Glass & Marble Desk & Table Lamp

Oliver Bonas Luce Gold Glass & Marble Desk & Table Lamp

There’s something so beautiful about prismatic glass, and this Oliver Bonas lamp is a real desk pleaser. Whilst it doesn’t swivel, flex or allow you to take control of the positioning, a lot can be said for prismatic glass.

It generally emits a softer, more subtle glow which can cause less eye strain when studying. It’s best to use a bulb with a colour temperature of around 4100k, creating a bright light for the study room which will help with eye strain throughout the day, and night.

Plus, this pretty lamp can be repurposed around the rest of the house when not being used for studying!

6. Pooky Bow Tie Desk Lamp

cute brass and white desk light, the best lamp for studying

Pooky Bow Tie Desk Lamp

Pooky have ergonomically designed this studying lamp to give the user the right angles and proportions to make lighting your desk a dream. Its quirky hood is what makes the distribution of light so perfect, allowing you to direct the light flow exactly where you need it.

Needless to say,  this gorgeous light makes for the most Insta friendly work setting!

7. Best Lamp for Studying: Dyson CSYSᵀᴹ Task light Black

Dyson CSYSᵀᴹ Task light Black

If other Dyson products are anything to go by, this revolutionary task lamp for study could be the one to end all mention of eye strain, headaches and perhaps, even lack of productivity! I have this light in my office and love it. It’s definitely a stand out design, but the light it emits is very good for hours at the desk working.

There might be some room to manoeuvre in the style stakes, as this lamp is designed with function first and foremost. It’s a big splurge for a lamp for studying, so what’s so special about it? Well, it has precision positioning so you can have full control over how, and where you direct your lighting.

The light can be directed vertically, horizontally and swivel 360°.

The best part is that it’s designed to help reduce eye strain, with a powerful light featuring glare protection and low optimal flicker whilst the slide-touch dimmer enables personal brightness based on the ambience you desire.

8. Anglepoise Type 1227 Desk Lamp Bright Chrome

a chrome anglepoise light, the best lamp for studying

Anglepoise Type 1227 Desk Lamp Bright Chrome

A studying lamp with some serious history behind it, the Anglepoise design was released back in 1935, the first of its kind with unique spring technology.

This classic design still gives enviable flexibility and stability to lighting your space. Also great for a reading lamp in a living room, its stylish chrome finish is perfect for matching with other chrome interior hardware throughout your home.

9. Best Lamp for Studying: Dutchbone Devi Wall Lamp

Dutchbone Devi Wall Lamp

This is the best desk lamp for studying if you are strapped for space. The beautiful Dutchbone wall lamp can simply be affixed to a wall above a desk or even in a living space to illuminate a cosy reading nook.

It features a stylish brass plated arm which is fully adjustable to help you get those perfect angles. You can pop your own light bulb into this one, so make sure you focus on a bright white light, around 4100k in colour temperature to reduce eye strain throughout the day.

10. Anthropologie Shelley Task Lamp

Anthropologie Shelley Task Lamp

Now, what about this true showstopper? The pressure of those impending deadlines doesn’t seem so bad armed with this beauty of a desk lamp from Anthropologie. It’s certainly not style without substance as this task lamp features an adjustable arm to help direct the flow of light. Beautifully formed, this could be used as a lamp for studying, reading or as a bedside table addition. 


These are some of the best desk lamps for studying on the market that will keep you in control over your lighting when studying, whilst keeping eye strain at bay, a real possibility.

Remember to prioritise function when choosing a desk lamp, it might not be the most Instagram friendly home office addition, but it will keep your productivity levels up and steer you clear of the painful symptoms associated with eye strain.

Are you a function first, aesthetics second kind of person when it comes to lamps for studying?

Which desk lamp is your favourite?

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