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As a blogger I am lucky enough to go behind the scenes of a company. I get to see how the company thinks, talk to those in the know and really get a feel for how companies and products evolve. I find it a fascinating and hugely enjoyable part of what I do. Of course, then I love coming back here and writing about it. I hope you know that I’m only ever honest about what I find, and that I’ll only convey my enthusiasm when it’s genuine.

Dyson is one of those companies that holds my attention. The James Dyson story is intriguing and the minds behind the Dyson brand are creative and forward thinking (do read the James Dyson book if you haven’t already). So when they contacted me to say that James’ son, Jake Dyson had brought his products under the Dyson umbrella, I was interested to hear more.

Bring on the Jake Dyson Light, CSYS Task Lamp:

jake dyson light reviewI’m sure your first thought is exactly the same as mine – what is this?

Well I can confirm that it is indeed a desk light. And it’s nothing short of what you’d expect from Dyson.

Jake identified that some conventional lights neglect to protect LEDs from heat, exposing them to temperatures of up to high temperatures. This damages the LEDs’ phosphorous coating and degrades brightness and colour.

The CSYS range of lights, developed by Jake Dyson and his team, features an inventive application of heat pipe technology. This ensures sustainable, quality LED performance for over 160,000 hours of continual use.

The result? A light that lasts for 37 years. (Based on 12 hours continual use per day, at full brightness)

Moving arm Dyson light

Dyson CSYS Light

Dyson Light CSYSAnother significant difference to other lights, is the 3 Axis Glide Motion. While conventional lights rely on tension to stay in position, CSYS™ task lights use gravity. The arm moves vertically using a counterweight pulley system inspired by the construction crane. It’s light as a feather and incredibly sensitive. It allows you to move the arm up and down with the touch of a finger, as well as out and in without a rebound, or bounce – no readjustment to get the arm exactly where you want it. It makes using the light partcularly satisfying.

Furthermore, the CSYS Task Light has touch sensitive, continuous dimming. With just one light touch of the finger, the light is on. Hold your finger on the spot and the light continuously brightens and dims, allowing you to adjust the light to your requirements.

We’ve been using the CSYS light on our desk in the bedroom for both task and ambient lighting. It’s a stunning piece of engineering and technology and whilst I can’t verify light lasting for 37 years, I personally have faith in Dyson and would have trust this.

CSYS Task light

Close up Dyson light

Dyson Light on

The current price is £399. It’s not cheap but it’s Dyson. If you love the brand, what they stand for and their continued support of new technologies, you’ll love this. I know I do.

In the collection there is the CSYS TASK lamp for localised desk lighting, CSYS CLAMP lamp, a clamp fastening desk lamp and the CSYS TALL lamp, an LED floor-standing task light.

Jake Dyson Light products are available from here on the Dyson website.

The Dyson light was gifted but all comments, opinions and thoughts are genuine and honest.


Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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  1. Molly
    August 21, 2015 / 3:35 am

    That’s very interesting in terms of the technology and what it can do. I don’t like the look of it enough though to pay that price 🙂 I think it would look great in a very minimalist home or with industrial-style decor. Will be interested to follow what Dyson turn their designing hands to next.

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