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Recently I was given £50 to spend on Homewares at retailer site Zaland0. If you haven’t heard of Zalando yet, you soon will. They are huge in Germany and Europe and soon to be very big here as well I imagine. They sell a massive range in both fashion and home interiors at very reasonable prices.

Trying to decide what to spend my £50 on was quite a tricky decision. Should I go for some towels, a few living room accessories, or a few gadgets to spruce up the kitchen? In the end though I decided that it had been ages since I’d had any new photo frames, and as I love putting up family photographs this was the way to go. In a corner of my lounge I have a very bare spot of wall and so I started to form the idea of a brand new mini wall collage; the wall was crying out for some colour and interest.

So I ordered a couple of Umbra frames, one a multi frame of 4 6×4 image sections, and then a small Sasse and Belle quite ornate purple frame. On a recent visit to Covent Garden I visited the Sasse and Belle shop which was just adorable. Although I managed not to purchase anything at that point I was really taken with their cute, attractive picture frames. My £50 spent I placed the order (oh and there’s always free delivery at Zalando by the way) and awaited my delivery. It didn’t take long and a few days later the frames arrived safe and sound.

Now, what to fill them with? To be honest this was quite easy. We’ve had a recent holiday to the sun and I’d managed to capture some lovely black and white shots of the girls which I knew I wanted to use. My Zalando frames weren’t really enough to create a large enough collage though so I went rooting through the loft for a few older frames that I could use. I also knew I wanted to add some colour and pattern to the collage, as well as the black and white prints. A while ago whilst creating my blogger’s workspace I’d ordered a few wallpaper samples and they were still kicking around unused. These samples from Orla Kiely and MissPrint papers were ideal in black, white and yellows, to co-ordinate with my holiday snaps. So with my holiday photos, wallpaper samples and selection of Zalando and loft frames, the collage started to come together.

When I’m doing something like this I like to lay out the design on the floor. I’m afraid I don’t use anything too formal, and I don’t measure it all out either, preferring to do it ‘by eye’. Having decided on the design above I transferred this to the wall and stood back to admire my handywork. Marvellous. It fills the space beautifully and I can’t stop looking at my girls! The colours are great with the purple striped wallpaper and I’m really pleased with the eclectic mix of frames. I think they work brilliantly well together.


Zalando home review

Thanks to Zalando for giving me the chance to try out their website and delivery. I was really impressed, both with the range of designer homewares and with the free and very quick delivery. I also treated myself to a very cute denim jacket whilst there (ahem… don’t tell anyone!)

And if you’re looking for help with your decorating, or need some advice and guidance with a room makeover, don’t forget my newly launched business Love Chic Living Consults, an online design inspiration service. Drop me a line if you’d like to know more!

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  1. Carolin
    August 5, 2013 / 1:56 pm

    This looks amazing. I love that you have worked with different textures and fabrics. Makes it look like a really expensive corner of your house x

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