How to Create the Perfect Balcony or Terrace this Summer

I’m loving today’s Guest Post all about transforming a terrace or balcony. I’m just starting to, hopefully transform my own garden and these ideas will come in very handy!

decorating ideas for a balcony or terrace

Summer is the time to enjoy all the outside space that you have – and it’s amazing how easy it is to forget your balcony or terrace until the long hot days of summer are here.  If it’s looking a little tired or neglected, Allianz Your Cover  provides you with some ideas for a quick transformation and for creating a space that you can make the most of during the summer.



Paving and tiles can get dirty and unattractive if they haven’t been cleaned for a while.  Consider hiring a pressure-hose or steam-cleaner to instantly brighten up the flooring of your terrace.  If you feel that it needs replacing, the cost doesn’t have to be prohibitive. Search online for      materials and be imaginative with your redesign – it may be that you can use gravel in some areas for instance, and confine laying new flooring to a smaller area.


Maximize your roof or terrace space by creating areas of interest with plants and shrubs. Again, your purchases don’t have to break the bank.       Ask friends for cuttings, and look around for ideas for planters – old wheelbarrows, painted metal dustbins and terracotta chimney pots all      make fun and unusual homes for your new plants.  Arrange them to provide shade for seating areas and choose sweet-scented plants and flowers to create those wonderful summer evenings relaxing on your terrace

Eat al fresco:

Take advantage of fine summer weather to eat outdoors as often as possible.  Take a leaf out of the Aussies’ book and set up a barbeque – if space is limited, choose one of the small portable gas or charcoal barbeques that take up minimal  space.  If you have a little more room, think about creating something more permanent, with a brick base and convenient spaces for plates and utensils.


To enjoy your terrace or balcony, you really need the most comfortable seating.  Again, with limited space you need to plan carefully.  So if the idea is to eat outdoors and you have set up a table and chairs, there might be less space for the full-length loungers. Research the folding garden furniture on the market so that when your al fresco dining arrangements are not in use they can be tidied away, giving you space for deck chairs and loungers.

Be Creative:

There are a number of websites devoted to ideas for designing the smaller garden and terrace space. If you have never considered that a water feature might be part of  a design for your terrace then think again.  Cooling and restful in the summer and a  central feature which you can build planting around, small fountains and water features can be a major attraction.

Sit back and relax!

After all the activity, don’t forget to simply sit back and enjoy your rejuvenated terrace or  balcony.  Invite friends round for drinks to celebrate your transformed space, and bask in their  appreciation.  The effort will all have been worth it.

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  1. Sandra
    April 30, 2015 / 1:45 pm

    In summer you can’t help but want to sit outside early in the morning…so preparing your garden or balcony is a great idea….think I should invest in having a little paving made on my balcony to make it look a bit neat and child friendly can also look a bit stylish!

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