Creating a Wellbeing Home Corner for the Ultimate Relaxation

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Let’s talk about wellbeing at home.

The last 18 months have been like no other.

We’ve endured stress, anxiety, worry and so much more. We all have a different and unique experience.

Whether we’ve been cooped up at home on furlough, still working at our place of work, or working from home, each situation has brought its own struggles.

Many of us have had our children at home for extended periods, which as its ups and downs for everyone, so it’s been even more important that we all find ways to relax and unwind.

That’s why I want to chat about the importance of creating wellbeing pods or corners in your home.

The Importance of a Wellbeing Home Corner


As a family our situation has been like many others.

I’ve been working at home for a decade, but for the last year have been sharing my workspace with my husband.

We both hold a lot of online meetings, meaning we juggle the space depending on our schedules.

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Couple with that two teenagers who’ve spent large periods in the home too, and it became apparent I, in particular, needed some privacy.

I’m not used to sharing my space 24/7. I need peace and quiet to work, and if that couldn’t occur, I wanted a space to retreat to.

And so the Wellbeing Corner was created.

In conjunction with and their wonderful home interior products, I’ve created a little relaxing nook in our den room.

By adding a chair, table, lighting, accessories and soft furnishings, I’ve given myself a lovely relaxation spot.

It’s calm, contained and convenient. I can enjoy a coffee or something stronger, read or look out of the window into the garden.

It’s given me the solitude I have craved.

Whilst this room is a walkway from the rest of the house to the kitchen, there are periods of time when it’s very quiet.

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After meals the teens tend to retreat to their rooms, or they’re at school. The husband is working or at the gym.

This means I have a spot that’s mine, where I can think and ground myself again.


Over the last few years I’ve discovered the importance of holistic wellness in my life.

I like to practice mindfulness and that requires certain habits and routines.

Having a spot like this means I’m able to escape my laptop and phone (as long as I put them in another room) and focus on clearing my mind and living in the moment.

It’s become extremely useful in my life and something I treasure.

What’s more, I’ve found that others are now using my spot when I’m not.

I find a teen sometimes using the chair, enjoying the candle, and reading a book.

The pink and green colour palette in this room is very calming and creates a relationship to nature; even when the British weather prevents us enjoying it for real.

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The young people in the house enjoy this.

My old eBay trolley is a great spot for the Cox and Cox Faux String of Pearls plant
Artificial lighting is crucial to make the corner useable all times of the day. This lamp is from the Michelle Keegan range. The white vases are £21

Let’s talk a little of the products I’ve chosen.

The chair is the focal point of course. It’s not too large but big enough for comfort and support. The colour was a big factor and its soft hue is very pleasing.

The table is part of a 3-set nest, the others are just out of shot. A throw back to my growing up, we always had nests of tables, and I love the practicality they offer. This retro design is a great fit to our decor in general.

All of the accessories, including the lighting I chose are white. The don’t clutter, they don’t jar with anything else, and they maintain the simplicity I was after.

Then finally, it needed a few comforting accents, like the cushion and throw.

Our mental health has been tested like never before, and home wellness touches like my wellbeing corner are essential to use as a family.

You may have other ways of coping like running, eating, sleeping even. There’s no right or wrong. We all have different needs and require individual solutions. As long as we put effort and awareness into finding them, we’re half way there.

This wellbeing corner, courtesy of has given us respite over the last few months; a place to relax and unwind, to smile, to read, laugh and contemplate.

How have you created wellness in your home? Let me know I’d love to hear.

Jen x

Aromatherapy Co Candle: Throw: Table (part of a set): Vase: Cushion: Chair

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