How to Create an Allergy Free, Healthy Home

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The average person spends approximately 90% of their day inside, but there are many things indoors that can initiate an allergic reaction. Air allergens can become trapped inside a home or a business if all the windows and doors are closed in winter.

How to Create an Allergy Free Home

Image: Allergy friendly blanket

Interior allergens which can cause allergic reactions

Allergens come into contact with your body through the eyes, nose, throat, lungs and skin. Irritants can cause symptoms such as wheezing and coughing. They can also cause skin irritation and a dry, sore, itchy or swollen throat. Eyes can become sore, sticky and itchy and they can cause lethargic feelings and headaches.

Moisture and mould are the main problems which can instigate an allergic reaction within the home. Bacteria and fungi can also contribute to sometimes very dangerous respiratory responses.

Furthermore, mites and insects can be the cause of skin irritation or can worsen eczema or asthma symptoms. Dust particles, skin hair, food waste and plant fibres can, in addition, cause irritation within the home.

Finally, fumes and gases can cause issues for those suffering from an allergy.

What is being done by designers to help combat allergens within the home?

Image: Blue Air Dust Magnet

Interior designers and architects have joined together to foster awareness of allergens within the home and other buildings. They have discussed ways in which building and interior design can help improve the situation for those suffering from an allergy.

They have discussed ways in which to improve indoor air quality whilst trying to maintain sustainability and modern design. Furthermore, they have explored food-borne Illness and what they can use within buildings and households to prevent this.

They have realised many factors that can contribute to these allergies including, cleanliness, humidity, temperature and ventilation.

Materials which can contribute to allergic symptoms include furniture, fixtures and fittings, wall treatments, paint and wallpaper, as well as curtains & soft furnishings and types of flooring.

These interior designers have also stressed the need to carefully select mattresses, pillows, duvets, blankets, bedding and bed linen when designing a home for their clients.

What to do if you are suffering from allergies within your home

Image: Allergy friendly rug from Weaver Green

Firstly, speak to your doctor who may rule out a food intolerance or will determine the type of allergy you have through an immunologist.

Please remember that air flow is very important within the house so keeping windows open whenever possible in order to keep each room well ventilated will improve symptoms. The use of allergy air filters within the home can also help to relieve reactions and improve quality of life.

If you re-decorate try to obtain paints or wallpapers that do not contain volatile organic compounds as there can cause a variety of health effects, including irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat, headaches, nausea and damage to the liver, kidneys, or central nervous system. It is a good idea to avoid deep pile carpets as they often trap fine dust particles which can irritate asthma All these small changes will prove an effective way to maintain long-term health, well-being and quality of life.

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