Window Dressing Ideas That Won’t Go Out of Trend

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Move over curtains, forget the roller blind. If you want a window dressing that won’t go out of trend or fashion, you need plantation shutters.

It’s probably a very tricky design decision for a lot of people.

What you choose to put at your window will no doubt stay there for some time to come. And it may be quite an investment depending on the size of the window too.

Anything as semi permanent as window dressings can mean your decision weighs heavy on you.

What if your chosen product dates really quickly?

What if you want to redecorate? Can you reuse the window dressing or will you need to renew?

Let’s examine some of the key factors to remember when buying your window dressing and shutters in particular, so they really stand the test of time in your home.


For many, the trick to a good night’s sleep is a very dark room. I need pretty much total darkness to stay rested.

Blackout shutters are ideal in this case.

A good night’s sleep is incredibly important for your ability to function the next day, not to mention when it comes to your long-term health and well-being.

If you’re the type of person that really needs no light in order to sleep well, there is an answer.

The best way to achieve a dark room at night is with solid raised shutters.

Instead of using slats they are made from a solid piece of wood which blocks the light from passing through.

Of course you can still open the shutters themselves to allow the light and fresh air in during the daytime.

I’ve rented a holiday home with this type of shutter before and found them incredibly easy to use and so effective. I loved the solidity of the product too; it felt very safe.


The plantation shutter range allows you to choose a design that perfectly complements your home and interior decor.

You can choose from wood for a classic look, to coloured blinds that add the wow factor, to simple white for a clean and elegant aesthetic.

The benefit of the shutter design is in its simplicity.

No matter what kind of decor you adore, from bohemian eclectic to the minimal Scandinavian, you’ll always find a shutter design that suits your home.

One of the main attractions for me is the way a shutter can diffuse the light as it enters the room.

Tilting the slats can alter the way the light lands, creating an atmosphere and ambience in a room that a roller blind or curtain simply won’t.

When we spend so much time in our homes, particularly if you have a home office, it’s such an important feature that contributes to our wellbeing.


No matter how focused we are on design and great looks we still need a certain element of practicaility in our home.

Our window dressing is no exception.

The shutter needs to keep the room dark, offer privacy, and be easy to clean and maintain.

It also needs to suit the room in which it is installed.

The waterproof full height PVC shutter is the perfect addition to a bathroom window. Practical and beautiful, it’s not going out of fashion any time soon, and will bring elegance and durability to the space,

The clean, unfussy look is always a winner in a bathroom, where fabric and especially curtains can be very cumbersome, so given a choice I’d go for a plantation shutter every time.

The Shutter Store offer a made-to-measure service, meaning that they can be designed in any style, material and colour desired, so they can suit any homeowner’s personal tastes. From modern to rustic designs, they offer it all!


Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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