8 Reasons to Install Window Shutters in Your Home

Window shutters are one of the most popular window dressings available and for good reason. Window shutters are clean, they look modern and appealing and what’s more, they provide a great investment for the property they are installed within. Still unsure however? Here are 8 reasons to install window shutters in your home.

1. They Provide Ultimate Privacy

With window shutters in place, you’ll experience far more privacy than you would normally have. With adjustable louvres, you can angle slats to ensure you get the light you want while still providing privacy for the room in which they’re installed.

2. They’re Incredibly Durable

Made from solid wood or even a more waterproof plastic material, window shutters are without a doubt an incredibly durable window dressing. Made to measure, these window dressings are solid and made for your exact window frame. With professional design, manufacture and installation, you can rest assured that your window shutters will last you for years to come thanks to a bespoke fit.

3. They Can Help Lower Energy Bills

Windows are one of the biggest areas in which a home loses heat. With window shutters providing another layer on this particularly weak area, your home will benefit from a lesser need to use internal heating sources. How? Well, window shutters made to measure, offer a very snug fit and it’s that snug fit that helps keep the cold and wind at bay during winter months, keeping your home warm. It’s also of benefit during the summer months as it keeps the heat outside, helping your home to remain cool. The temperature of your home can be maintained far more naturally. As a result, many notice their energy bills drop over time.

4. They Buffer Outside Noise

Once again, being such a snug fit, your window shutters provide another layer that can help prevent outside noise. This buffer can make a huge difference especially to those who live close to busy roads or find their windows have a pavement directly outside.

5.They’re Easy To Clean

Every house is of course different but no matter how clean you are, dust will inevitably gather. Unlike blinds, curtains or even nets however, window shutters are incredibly easy to clean. When built specifically for your window openings, they’re virtually maintenance free and merely require a wipe over with a damp cloth to keep clean.

6. Boost Your Curb Appeal

As well as giving your home a more finished look, window shutters can also help boost your home’s overall curb appeal. Window shutters can be seen clearly from the outside of your home, and offer huge advantages to the exterior appearance just as much as the interior appearance. They also lead a potential buyer to believe that a home is well taken care of if such investments have been made into window dressings.

7. They Offer Added Security

Window shutters offer added security for your home too as they keep prying eyes away while also providing another physical layer of protection on your windows. More often than not, simply keeping prying eyes out is enough to ward off intruders.

8. They’re Safe

There have been many issues over the years with blinds especially and their safety when it comes to children. With window shutters however, you can wave goodbye to cables and cords and know that window shutters pose no threat to your children or adventurous pets.

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