Chic Showcase: The Beauty of Window Shutters

shutterly fabulous window shutters

A little while ago I was working on an inspirational moodboard for a client who wanted ideas and suggestions for a bedroom makeover. Now she listed shutters as her ideal window treatment and although we didn’t include them this time, it’s definitely something she would like to aim for.  Following on from that I thought it would be great to take a look at window shutters and see what they can add to a room in terms of style and practicality.

Window shutters are big news these days and companies report a big jump in their popularity in the last few years. Gone are the days when they were just for the bedrooms of those with lots of money, they are now available in all kinds of styles and suitable for different budgets and different rooms.

Why Choose Shutters?

Well there are quite a few benefits to choosing shutters for your windows. Let’s start with style; they look simple, classic and timeless and fit the modern and contemporary home perfectly. They can be environmentally friendly, cutting down on heating bills when closed and choosing those made from FSC materials means they are sustainably sourced. They reduce noise of course, and are very easy to keep clean, much easier than wooden or metal blinds. If you choose cafe style blinds they can be closed offering privacy but still allow in light from the top of the window.  Of course they won’t be the cheapest window treatment option but they will last well and can be well worth the investment.

Available Types and Styles:

There are many styles of shutters available now, suitable for different rooms and areas of the home. And they can come in all kinds of beautiful colours too.

The Cafe Style is a half height plantation shutter that allows the light to flood through whilst still offering the privacy that you require.

shutterly fabulous window shutters

Door shutters are full height and ideal for patio or kitchen doors. Don’t worry about the height creating a less sturdy shutter either as they are usually fitted with extra mid rails to prevent warping and rattling.

shutterly fabulous window shutters

Tier-on-Tier shutters are perfect for taller windows and would be my style choice for the Victorian bay window in my own home. Separate upper and lower panels provide versatility and practicality when it comes to privacy and light.

shutterly fabulous window shutters

And then finally solid panel shutters will make a very bold style statement. inspired by the Victorian era they suit older properties very well although wouldn’t look out-of-place in more modern homes too. Completely blocking out light and affording the ultimate in privacy, these shutters can be a real focal point in the room, particularly if you choose them to complement your decor and colour scheme.

shutterly fabulous window shutters

Having shutters commissioned for your home and created bespoke for your windows will vary in price but expect to pay anything from a few hundred pounds through to a few thousand depending on the size of your window and shutter finish.

So what do you think? Would you choose shutters for your home?


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  2. Aliyyah
    April 30, 2015 / 7:52 pm

    I absolutely love shutters, so versatile – with regards to colours, shapes & styles – i like to mix a bit of room divider feel into them by applying fabric screens sometimes instead of the full shutter.
    Shutters bring a feeling of the Caribbean through the elegance of Plantation style – they can be ultra sleek and modern or shabby chic and rustic.

  3. Wendy Cartright
    December 1, 2015 / 9:08 pm

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful shutter ideas. I really like the ones covering the Victorian bay window. We just moved into a house with a bay window and shutters like that would look amazing on it.

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