6 Steps To a Quick House Sale for Any Homeowner

Looking for a quick house sale? Check out these top tips to getting your house viewed and sold fast.

If your house has been on the market for a while and you haven’t had any prospective buyers then you may need to give it a bit of TLC to lock down that sale.

Although the housing market is a bit of a bleak place for those with properties for sale right now, there are a few simple things you can do to make yours stand out from the crowd.

How to Get a Quick House Sale

Do Some DIY

If you want a quick house sale, we’re not talking about investing loads of money or doing anything drastic when it comes to DIY.

It is more a case of doing some general maintenance so a prospective buyer has the chance to envisage themselves living there.

A lick of paint (neutral colours, if possible) on tired or peeling walls, window frames and doors, can give a new lease of life to your property.

This is also the ideal time to consider tackling those leaky taps or replacing any missing tiles that you’ve been putting off for ages.


Decide what you really need to keep and down-size the rest. When you need a quick house sale, this is one of the key components.

Using online auction sites enables you to gain some cash back on the things that you no longer need or that are just taking up space.

Alternatively, there are always plenty of charities crying out for donations of clothes, toys, books and homewares.

De-clutter and feel good about it – it’s a win-win! If you simply can’t part with anything then try to store them neatly away in any loft or cellar spaces you may have.

By making your home feel neutral and stripping the personality from it, you’ll find prospective buyers will be able to really get a sense of the space on offer.

Deep Clean

Be prepared to give your property a bit of elbow grease. I know it’s not what you always want to hear, but if you’re after that quick house sale, it’s essential.

It doesn’t matter how clean you keep your house normally, there’s bound to be areas that don’t get as much regular attention as others. The back of cupboards, for example, often tend to get overlooked.

Roll your sleeves up and get involved.

Make sure your cooker hob is gleaming, curtains and blinds have been dusted down and the bathroom looks spotless.

Buyers will naturally want to clean things to their own standard when they move in, but doing a chunk of the leg work now will encourage them to view your property favourably.

Let There Be Light

Make sure you have working lightbulbs throughout the house and spares, just in case.

This is especially relevant if you’re conducting viewings during the winter months or in the evenings.

Buying lower wattage bulbs or ones with more of a golden glow, rather than pure white, will add a cosy feel to your home.

Image: Furniture Choice Ltd

Similarly, if you’re conducting viewings during the summer months or during the day then make sure your curtains and blinds are open and the viewer can really experience the natural light that filters into the property.


Even in winter, it is important to continue making sure you get some fresh air into your property and avoid stuffiness.

There’s that old suggestion of baking bread to create an enticing aroma in your home for any viewers.

Not everyone has time for that though so fresh flowers or plug-ins will keep things smelling rosy. If you have pets, launder their bedding and make sure any litter trays are cleaned out to avoid any unpleasant wafts.

Re-evaluate Who You’re Selling With

Just because your property has been on the market for a while, doesn’t mean it is the property at fault. If you’re unhappy with the agent you’re using then consider finding someone else.

Agents familiar with your local area and similar properties to yours are the key to a quick sale.

Always check the small print before jumping to another agent as there may be fees associated with this.

Alternatively – once you’ve done all of the above, take some new photos to give to your agent. It could be as simple as people being put off by the original photos so it’s definitely worth a try.

If you’re still unhappy with the length of time it is taking to sell your property, you could consider a cash buyer. The Property Buying Company can buy any home in a timescale to suit you and can offer a fair cash sum, with all legal fees included.


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If you’re hoping for a quick house sale and haven’t achieved all the points on this list, do give them a go! 

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