Five Great Ways Glass Can Be Used in Interior Design

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Glass is an integral part of the design of any home. The size and positioning of windows, skylights and glass doors can make the difference between a bright, welcoming space and a home that is dark and depressing. However, its influence needn’t end there. Glass can be used in many other ways to create a stylish, contemporary ambience and to make your home feel more spacious.

Bannisters and balustrades

If you’re looking to create a sleek, urban look, you need to innovate wherever you can, in which case why stick to conventional staircase spindles? While there are many contemporary designs, the effect will be far more striking should you opt for glass. As with most other things listed in this article, you will need to ensure that a glass bannister and balustrade will complement the rest of the home. It needs to be part of a cohesive look because if the rest of the house is done in a more traditional style, it may just look bizarre.

Shower screens

Most people have some form of shower cubicle or shower screen in their home and this is generally made of glass. However, few people exploit this opportunity to the full. It is perfectly reasonable to have a glass panel or panels custom made in order to create your perfect bathroom. While standard shower cubicles are functional, a far more striking effect can be created through the addition of a glassed wet room which sits within the bathroom. Such an arrangement provides more space in which to move about and therefore a much easier and more satisfying shower experience.


Few uses of glass offer the scope or potential for impact as mirrors. A mirror is not just something you look in when getting ready to go out, it is also a means of brightening a room and creating a feeling of spaciousness. It can also serve as a form of decoration in its own right, whether because of an ornate frame or simply because of its reflective qualities. For example, if you have a slim patch of wall – perhaps in an alcove – this would be ideally suited to a narrow, tall mirror which would make the space seem furnished while simultaneously bouncing light back into the room. Equally, you don’t need to make do with a small, wall-mounted mirror in the bathroom. You could just as easily make the entire wall a mirror to ensure a far better view and again to improve the lighting.


Glass lends itself to tables. Whether you want a coffee table, side table, desk or TV stand, there is a glass design out there which will have a striking impact on anyone who sees it. Crisp, minimalist pieces will provide an almost futuristic look which can then be softened with your other furnishings.

Counter Tops

Being resilient, easy to clean and hygienic, glass is ideally suited to being used for counter tops. You can get different colours and textures and its usage also opens up the possibility of putting in an innovative lighting system. The creative possibilities are endless, but however you choose to go about it, a worktop made of glass will be both beautiful and practical.


General advice when using glass

While glass offers a lot, you do have to be wary of creating a cold feel. Too much glass can lead to a clinical, sterile feel, so it’s also important to think about your other furniture to ensure it complements your use of glass. Leather is often seen alongside it in minimalist homes, but by adding other materials and textures, you can create different effects. For more advice visit

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  1. Chris Wilcox
    September 5, 2016 / 1:30 pm

    Hey Jen, just got to this post on the back of reading a lovechicliving post on splashbacks in kitchens. Again, this has been a really good read. I love the idea of combining leather furniture and decor along with glass to avoid a ‘hospital / office’ esque vibe in homes. I’ve just Googled some photographs of leather and glass in interior design and wow… It looks amazing (especially glass table and leather chairs)! Thanks for the tips, Jen!

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