5 Reasons Experienced Interior Designers Should Consider a Masters in Education

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Interior design is a valuable skill to have. If you know any professional interior designers then you will know that they have fantastic earning potential, although the life of a freelancer is often challenging. I should know.

Whether you have gained your experience working for yourself or for an existing business, any experience that you gain working as an interior designer can ultimately be translated into money.

Not only will experience as an interior designer enable you to charge more for your services, but you can also sell that experience by training up other budding interior designers who are looking to break into the profession. Of course, experience is only one component of being an effective educator – you need to know how to teach, as well as what to teach.

One of the best ways of learning how to teach is to study for a masters in education.

This is the degree of choice for teachers who want to ascend to the highest echelons of the profession. While this degree is favoured by those aspiring to work in a school or university, the course will also provide you with an excellent grounding in instructing students in a number of other contexts.

Below are some of the reasons that every experienced interior designer should think about studying for a masters in education.

5 Reasons Interior Designers Should Study for a Masters in Education

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A Chance To Share Your Knowledge

If you have experience in a particular professional area, sharing that experience with other people can be hugely rewarding. Many people choose to use their natural English speaking skills with a TEFL course for example. Being a good teacher requires more than just experience, however.

In order to effectively instruct other people, it helps to have some kind of formal experience or training in teaching.

In order to study a masters in education, you will already need to have some kind of prior teaching experience. If you are someone who has made the transition from being a teacher to working in interior design, not as uncommon a transition as you might think, studying for a masters in education can enable you to brush up on skills that have been lying dormant.

Teaching people in any context is a rewarding experience.

Those who are drawn to teaching in the classroom will also find that teaching students skills outside the classroom can be every bit as rewarding.

Increase Your Earning Potential

Learning a new degree will always bump up your earnings potential to some extent.

In the case of a masters in education, the degree is particularly versatile and can, therefore, be used as a launchpad into a number of potential career paths.

Whatever context you enjoy teaching or educating others in, a masters in education will provide you with valuable skills, knowledge and insights that will enable you to perform better, and command a higher salary.

If you know that you are a skilled teacher with a lot to offer students in various different contexts, pursuing a masters in education will enable you to act as the best educator that you are capable of being while earning a salary that properly reflects the value you offer.

Learn Valuable Skills

When you study for any university degree, you will need to call upon a wide range of different skills in order to succeed; the masters in education is no different.

Not only will you learn how to work as a professional educator in various different contexts, but you will also develop your own organisation and time management skills, to name just a few.

You will be able to apply a significant number of the lessons that you learn in other areas of your personal and professional life.

A masters in education is, therefore, a wonderful endeavour for those seeking personal self-improvement while improving their professional value.

Among the many skills that you will learn and develop over the course of your master’s in education, some of the most important are:

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving
  • Organisation
  • Self-reflection

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Augment an Existing Degree

If you already hold a formal qualification in a subject relevant to interior design, studying for a master’s in education is the perfect way of augmenting that degree and getting even more value out of it than you otherwise would have.

What’s more, the masters in education provides you with the tools that you need to share your knowledge and experience with others.

Studying Has Never Been More Accessible

Technology has completely reshaped the way that we think about education, thanks to the advent of distance learning courses and the plethora of learning platforms and apps that exist to provide informal but in-depth instruction in a wide range of different subjects.

If you want to study for a master’s degree in education, you will find it easier to do today than it ever has been in the past.

Not only has the number of universities around the UK that offer this degree option increased over previous decades, but the courses have become more accessible and affordable thanks to the advent of distance learning courses.

Distance learning opportunities, like this MA education distance learning course from Exeter University, have opened the door for many students to enrol in university who would otherwise be unable to.

Studying for a masters in education will provide you with a solid grounding in how to teach and instruct other people.

If you think that the skills you will learn over the course of a university degree in education could be beneficial to your future in interior design, there are more options than ever before with regards to university courses.

These courses are also accessible today in a way that they never have been before.

Studying for a masters degree in education is an excellent career move for anyone who wants to teach or instruct other people in any way.

You can use a degree in education to pursue a job within an educational establishment like a school or university, or you can take the skills and knowledge that you will acquire and use them as the basis for your own teaching or training business.

If you operate an interior design business, studying for an education degree will enable you to provide your trainees with the best learning experience possible.

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