How the Right Lighting Can Transform a Room

At the flick of a switch, you can transform the whole atmosphere of a room. The lighting in which is featured in a room can transform the way you see colours, how well you sleep at night, as well as how productive you can be.

Different rooms of the house will require different types of lighting; the bedroom will require softer lighting so that you can unwind at the end of a long day, whereas, the kitchen will need brighter lights to ensure you have efficient lighting to cook.

This post will cover the three types of lighting and give you an insight into how it can transform your space.

The Three Types of Lighting Every Room Needs

There are three main types of lighting; each has a different purpose. Lighting is essential when it comes to designing a room, so the need to understand each is key when you want to transform your room.

1. Task Lighting

Allowing you to have sufficient light to complete a task, this type of lighting is key in certain rooms of the house.

Especially in the kitchen, where the right amount of lighting is needed for preparing and cooking food. Think bright spotlights above the cooker and desk lamps in the office

2. Ambient Lighting


The type that sets the tone of the whole space, ambient lighting, is the base type of light, which is usually the starting place when it comes to designing your lighting. Think dimmable pendants placed in living rooms to cascade light evenly.

3. Accent Lighting

If there is something, in particular, you want to put the focus on in your interior, such as a statement piece of art, this is where accent lighting will come in. Think wall lights placed above a family portrait.

How The Right Lighting Can Change a Room


Lighting can have both functional and aesthetic purposes, with the ideal amount of illumination you can completely transform the whole look and feel.

1. Open Up A Space

If your room is on the smaller side, introducing the correct amount of lighting has the ability to open it up, to make it appear larger. If your ceilings are low, then wall lights are the perfect option for directing the light upwards rather than down, to create the illusion of a larger space.

2. Set The Mood

Lighting helps to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, setting the tone of the entire room. Depending on which room you want to transform will determine the kind of lighting you require.

For example, in the bathroom introducing softer lights into your bathroom interior can create a spa-like haven.

Dimmable lighting is the perfect way to change the atmosphere in a touch, vintage ceiling lights placed in a living room setting can be brighter during the day and then dimmed down to create a romantic haven in the evening.

3. Improved Health Benefits

During the winter months, the lack of daylight has the ability to affect us; the best way to combat this is to ensure your home is adequately lit.

LED lights have been known to help with SAD (seasonal affective disorder), helping to decrease stress and create a happier atmosphere.

Lighting which is too bright, blue or artificial could have a negative impact on your mood. Carbon filament bulbs look incredible in a home interior, cascading a warm glow around the space while looking stylish!

4. Add Your Personality

Your interior should be a reflection of yourself, incorporating the things that you love.

There is an abundance of different lighting options available, allowing you to be as creative as you wish. Whether you opt for the popular trio of pendants above a kitchen island or a statement table lamp, it’s all about making the most of your space.

When it comes to lighting, there is such a wide variety to choose from, suiting whatever your style.

One thing for certain is that if you have the perfect amount of lighting it can not only transform the aesthetics, it also has the ability to give your health and mood a boost too!

Do you have any tips on how you transform your room with the help of lighting? Let me know in the comments.

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