The New Brabantia Bo Touch Bin: Waste Never Looked this Good

Welcome to today’s post featuring the innovative Brabantia Bo Touch Bin. I guess when I started writing this blog about 6 years ago, I never thought I’d be doing a whole post on a bin….. but how times, and design, have changed. Brabantia are the forerunners when it comes to stylish yet practical waste storage and their new bin is no exception so I’m very proud to be collaborating with them to showcase the new bin in my own home.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, and IG Stories in particular, you’ll know that my kitchen is actually still under renovation. I’d been hoping to show you the new bin in situ but alas that I can’t  just yet. I’m sure you’ll see the Bo popping up from time to time once the kitchen is finished though. But for now, I’m showing you how she looks around my home and all of the well thought through design features that make this bin a winner.

The Bo Touch Bin has been years in the making and was designed in The Netherlands and comes with a lifetime guarantee. It’s like no other bin I’ve seen.

First up has to be the overall shaping. It’s flat backed so can easily fit against the wall and takes up less space than you’d imagine.

It’s a good height so no more bending over and it has a simple, easy one-touch lid for opening (it’s really quiet too, no loud clicking at all). The legs are non-slip and fully adjustable so if you have an uneven floor you won’t have a wobbly bin!

As you can see I’ve chosen a really bright, vivid yellow as it’s a perfect match for the accent colour in my kitchen. But if something so bright isn’t your thing, or if you want to co-ordinate with your own decor there are 8 different shades to choose from, including black, white, grey and red. 

Now, onto the really good stuff. It might look amazing but is it actually practical?

Well, you have the option of choosing from 1 to 3 inner buckets to help you split up your waste. I went for 2; a larger one for day to day waste, and a smaller one for our recycling. Until recently we had a large Brabantia bin for waste, and a small grey bucket for the recycling (which then got decanted into a larger container every few days.) I was determined to do away with the horrid little plastic bucket and, hey presto, the Bo has completely changed all that for me.

I’ll be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure the inner buckets were big enough. Either for the day-to-day waste or the recycling. We’re a busy family of 4 and generate plenty of waste but the Bo has coped perfectly. The larger bucket is 23L and the smaller for 11L and they’re the perfect size for the amount of rubbish we collect. I think the rectangular shaping really helps absorb more waste than the circular one (call me crazy if you like!) and the smaller recycling bucket hold enough card and cans for a few days before it needs emptying.

Can you tell I’m a little in love with this bin?! I love that it looks like a storage chest and not a traditional bin, and yet still manages to be incredibly practical and so, so useful. The whole family adores it. Well done Brabantia.

You can find out more about the Bo Touch Bin on the Brabantia website.

And whilst we’re talking about great ideas from Brabantia. They’ve also recently launched these great storage jars with measuring cups to help reduce the amount of food we waste. For every storage jar sold, Brabantia donates to The Hunger Project– a global, non-profit organisation committed to the sustainable end of world hunger by 2030 through training and investing in women and men living in rural villages in Africa, South Asia and Latin America.

The cup section has easy to read markings so when you’re pouring your pasta, couscous or rice for example you get just the right amount. If you’re anything like me, you’ll always be cooking that little bit too much and then throwing it away. Well the new measuring cup Storage Jar prevents that happening. And of course it looks pretty cool too.

Storage Jars are £13.95 and can be purchased HERE.

The Bo Touch Bin retails for £149 and is available HERE.

Collaborative post. All images copyright Jen Stanbrook. 

Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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