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Worktop saver

Kitchen brights

JJ kitchenFor many years now my kitchen has been a simple monochrome colour scheme, with flashes of blue thrown in from the tiles. I’ve painted the walls in shades of white, and more recently in blues and dark greys, but now I’ve felt like giving it a real lift.

Whilst I can’t afford to, nor want the disruption of changing the kitchen too drastically, I’ve decided there is plenty I can do to give it an injection of life and colour. One of the ways I’ve been tackling this, is by adding a few new accessories in bright acidic colours.

One of my favourite kitchen brands has to be Joseph Joseph. I’ve long been a fan and have been collecting pieces from their collections for a couple of years now. I was even featured in a design magazine when they dedicated an issue to the brand.

Their lastest range launch back in Autumn 2014 included a few lovely pieces that I don’t own, so when they asked me if I’d like to add to my collection, I jumped at the chance.

I went for the bright green Potato Ricer (£25) and the Colour Blocks Worktop Saver (£15) which really adds a pop of colour to any kitchen.

Joseph Joseph products have always grabbed my attention, not only for the fun and quirky designs, but also because they deliver kitchen gadget solutions in an innovative and creative way. They stand out from the crowd, and whilst not being the cheapest on the market, they offer something unique and different to kitchen accessory design.

The worktop saver looks great and is a dream to use. You can stick in the dishwasher, chop veggies on it, or use it to serve hot dishes of food at dinner time. This one is sitting in another corner of the kitchen adding a much needed splash of colour.

I’d never used a Potato Ricer until a few days ago though, so I was interested in seeing how it worked and if it was worth the money. It’s very heavy and sturdy (unlike my current masher) so I was hoping it would do a much better job.

Potato mashing

Potato Ricer

Mashed potatoAs you can see from the images above, simply fill the ricer with cooked potato and press down the lever. The riced potato falls into a separate bowl. It took 4 goes to rice all the potato I’d cooked (enough for a family of 4) and I realised it was best not to overload the gadget or it became too heavy. You do need well cooked potatoes, and you probably still need a good amount of strength in your wrists and hands to use the ricer, but once I’d finished, added my milk and butter and given it a quick stir, it was the lightest, fluffiest mash ever! Even the children commented on the lack of lumps! So a good result. Not only does it look great, it does a good job too.

Have you done anything recently to brighten your kitchen?

Thanks to Joseph Joseph for supplying 2 of the items in this post. The comments and opinions are genuined and honest.


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Jen Stanbrook

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    March 22, 2015 / 11:47 am

    I want those Joseph Joseph bowls! They have been on my wishlist for a long time! Our kitchen is quite neutral but have added splashes of colour with the accessories 🙂

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