How to Find a Local, Reliable Tradesperson

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What do you do if you need a new kitchen installing? How would you go about finding a decent tradesperson to do a job in your home? It’s a problem that many people have, not knowing where to look or whether to trust someone that they’ve found. Firstly you have the trust issue of letting someone you don’t know into your home. Then you have to deal with wondering if they are going to do a good job, be on time, fit you in, leave before the job is finished and so on. It’s a real gamble much of the time, and reality tv shows that follow scams and rip-off merchants don’t leave us feeling any better about it all. No-one wants to lose money or pay too much for shoddy workmanship.

Unfortunately we aren’t all blessed with DIY skills nor do we always have the time to actually do the job so finding a local tradesperson becomes all important. But where do we start?


Local Adverts:

One way to find a local tradesperson is through local newspapers and free magazines that drop through your door. Many small businesses run adverts and listings in the local press and I often think that, as they’re local, they aren’t going to rip you off. Their business and local reputation depends on them doing a good job and you recommending them. Of course that’s not always true so it’s always worth asking around once you have the business name, and finding out as much about their work as possible.


Word of Mouth:

This is probably the best way of finding someone trustworthy. You are generally guaranteed they will do a great job, but what can often happen is that the business or tradesperson is so well recommended it will be months before they can fit you. If you’re happy to wait and schedule the work in then this could work for you. What if you want several quotes though, and can’t find recommendations for more than one company? Where do you go then?

Directory Listings:

How about trying out an online directory listing. Many of these sites offer details of local companies along with personal, customer reviews. It’s great for businesses and great for potential customers too looking for that perfect tradesperson. London Directory Listings is one such site that offers a fabulous blog written by local London business people. What a great way to get to know your local businesses, especially in such a huge city as London. Then behind the blog is a full directly listing, free to businesses, and to clients who want to search for the service they require. And don’t forget a listing like this won’t just be about home renovations and DIY, you’ll find all kinds of business from beauty therapists, to furniture restorers and educational services. Maybe a listing directory like this exists for your area? Why not do a quick search and find out. It’s another great way to find that perfect tradesperson for that home DIY job that needs doing!

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