DIY Party Planning – Beyond the Frills and Spills

Today’s Guest Post is looking at how to go about planning the perfect party, and as the weather is crawling towards being halfway decent I thought this might be something you are thinking about doing. Enjoy!




When you are planning a large-scale party, there are plenty of things to consider beyond the decorations. From weddings to extended family reunions, anniversary parties and other major celebrations, if you are planning to hold your event at a private venue, there are a number of things you will need to think about.

Here is a quick guide to the questions you may need to ask yourself as you navigate the planning process.


Does your event need a licence?

It might surprise you to learn that some events held at certain venues – including some village halls, barns or even large residential properties – require an entertainment licence in addition to meeting health and safety requirements.

Before you get too deep into the planning stages, it is wise to make a few enquiries and find out if you will need permission from your local council before you go ahead with your plans. For example, you may need to involve the local authority if you intend to set up a tent or marquee.


Have you considered everyone’s safety?

Your venue will have safety rules and regulations in place for good reason – after all, you want everyone to have a good time and be safe. Check that the party you have planned will not exceed the capacity for the venue, and ensure that you know the fire evacuation procedures in the event of an emergency.

You’ll also want to enquire into where the cleaning and first aid supplies are. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than the cure – and it is much better to know where the mops and plasters are ahead of time than to scramble if a glass breaks or a drink spills.


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What are you eating? And who is cooking or serving?

At many parties, including wedding receptions, food is a prominent feature of the event – and chances are, you aren’t going to cook it all yourself! Whether you are bringing in caterers, a chef or even employing serving staff to help you dish up the meal and clean up afterwards, planning ahead is crucial. You’ll need to know exactly how many guests you are expecting, and account for the service staff when you consider your venue capacity.

You will also need to use these figures to plan the practical parts of your event – how much food and drink you will need for your crowd, as well as items such as cutlery, plates and even table settings.


Are your guests comfortable?

Once you’ve sorted out the big issues, like licensing, safety and how to cater for your partygoers, it is time to turn your attention to more practical matters, such as the comfort of your guests.

For example, have you thought about whether there are enough toilets for everyone, or made arrangements for coats and jackets to be checked at the door? Will there be enough heating if you are hosting a winter event?

Likewise, crowded summer parties can get warm. This is why you may want to consider your options and hire an air conditioner unit. Your guests will appreciate it – especially if they decide to hit the dance floor!

Fortunately, with a little bit of forward planning, you can set up a great event for your whole crowd to enjoy. Just remember to leave yourself plenty of time to get everything done – then relax and enjoy your big celebration.


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