Decorating your Bedroom: Life or Death Essentials



Decorating your bedroom can be a fun experience in which you get to tear down your old, tired looking wallpaper and breathe fresh life and colour back into the place. Whether you are hiring a decorator or doing it yourself there is always something that you forget to think about until it’s too late – and then it has to wait until next time, but who knows when that’ll be!

Here is our list of things to remember when you decide to redecorate:

Plug Sockets

In this modern digital world that we live in there never seems to be enough plug sockets to plug everything in to. You need one for your TV, laptop, phone charger, lamp, alarm clock and that’s before we even mention things like games consoles, printers and hair dryers! It can be a nightmare trying to fit everything in so making sure that you have enough plug sockets so that you can comfortably cope without overloading one of the sockets is essential! The sockets will often dictate how you lay your room so it’s best to take stock of where everything is before you start decorating, and then if need be ask a qualified electrician to put more in.

Size of Bed

So you’re getting an entire new room complete with brand new bed. I hope you’ve already thought about what size you need; single? Double? Queen? King? Choosing the right size can be challenging; everyone likes a big bed but it can easily impose on a room and you can suddenly find yourself with a lot less space than you originally thought!

Luckily help is at hand, working with a specialist retailer such as My Next Mattress means that they will help you chose the perfect size bed for your room and can even take additional storage needs into consideration.


We all know how it is when we decorate a room, we move all the junk we had in there into another place while we throw the paint brush around so that it doesn’t get too messy. While out of sight it’s also out of mind, and you somehow forget about everything that you have to cram back in again. On the plus side though this usually leads to a trip to IKEA to check out some of their clever storage solutions!


Ok, so it’s hard to forget to the flooring but it’s worth bearing in mind what your current flooring is like – if it’s a thin carpet then adding a thicker one or hardwood floor might mean you have to adjust the door to allow it to close properly. Although it’s not a difficult job to shave a little bit off the bottom of your door you will have to then stick to similarly thick flooring in the future or buy a new door so there is no draught coming through!


Decorate your Bedroom with our Life or Death Essentials

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