Commercial Flooring You Can Use at Home

Today’s guest post has some interesting suggestions for using commercial products in the home. It really does widen our choices of course, so well worth considering. Enjoy!


Carpet tiles

When redesigning the interiors of a room you usually have a pre-conceived idea of the type of colours that you want to use, or the type of flooring that you think will be best to put down. This usually stems from what you have used before and worked well in the last room that you decorated or if this is your first project then the interiors of houses that you have lived in the past can often influence your decisions. By thinking this way we tend to go back to the same shops and visit the same retailers to get the same products. This kind of thinking however could mean that we don’t always get the best available product on the market…

Commercial flooring is for use in a business environment, right? Well primarily yes, but if you are re-designing your house then it might be worth considering as an alternative to standard domestic carpets. Commercial flooring is, by its very nature, hard wearing and durable; it has to be in order to cope with the volume of footfall over the course of time. So why not take advantage of that and have it laid in areas of your house that are used most often like an entrance or hallway? Butler Cox Flooring has a variety of options in different styles and colours that could be perfect to match the decoration in your house. With the added benefit of it being more durable than traditional domestic flooring it could mean that you have to replace it less often than you would normally and therefore save you money in the long run.

Nowadays carpet tiles are traditionally associated with office buildings but you could take advantage of the benefits they offer and use it in your home. They are incredibly easy to fit which means you don’t have to pay an expensive carpet fitter to come out, and because they are so flexible they are great if you have an odd or unusually shaped room. Carpet tiles are also good if you happen to stain or damage one of them as you can lift it away and replace quickly and easily without having to buy a whole new carpet! You can even experiment with them and use different colours and styles to create a really bespoke design.

Another commercial flooring option that could be great for use in the home is safety flooring with non-slip features. This particular type of flooring is great for the elderly and children who are a little unstable on their feet as it provides extra protection and will hopefully prevent an accident occurring. Safety floors are traditionally used in big canteens or office entrances but they are also perfect for use in kitchen areas or wet rooms as they are designed to cope with spillages and can be cleaned easily. You can also be creative and don’t have to stick to one colour or straight lines, with so many options available you can really lay down the floor that you want to have while keeping everyone safe from slipping.

Have you had any experience of decorating a room using a commercial carpet? Let us know how you got on by writing your comments below.

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