What Everyone Should Know about Replacing Old Carpet

Do your floors need new carpet? If you’re ready for a carpet replacement project then today we have some top tips on what to consider when you rip up the old carpet and buy new. 

For many of us, it’s the first time we’ve ventured on this house renovation task. We’ve perhaps never shopped for new carpet before, and so it can feel like an overwhelming experience. The styles, colours, materials and finishes are vast and varied, and you’ll not know which type of carpet you need for which room. 

I remember researching my local carpet shops extensively and feeling completely baffled by all the different types of carpet available. 

When to Replace your Old Carpet

Unfortunately a carpet won’t last forever. They become frayed and worn, can suffer spills and stains, and sometimes, in a bigger renovation project, a new carpet is part of the update. 

Choosing and laying new carpet needn’t be too expensive and is a simpler job than you may think. These are some of the points to consider when replacing old carpet with new.

Replacing Carpet: A Step By Step Guide

Get Your Measurements

The first task is to take accurate measurements of your room so you only buy what you really need. If you don’t feel confident in doing this, get a local fitter to do it for you. Many carpet stores will offer this service as part of the carpet buying process. 

Shop Online

It’s generally accepted that due to the large overheads carpet stores incur, they have to mark up their products. Online retailers such as designer-carpets.co.uk are much more competitive and if you’re willing to shop around, you’ll get a much better deal and more for your money. 

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Order Samples

Online retailers should offer free sample services so make use of them! Never buy a carpet without seeing it in the flesh as your computer screen and quality of the image means it can not reflect what the product is like in real life. You’ll want to touch it, feel it on your bare feet and match colours and shades with your decor choices. Lay the swatches in the room for 24 hours and note the change that different light sources have on the colour.

Grab a Bargain

Remnants, off cuts and sale carpets can be a great way of getting a carpet for much less than retail price. We all love a bargain don’t we, and I’ve bought remnants in the past, particularly for smaller rooms. You can go for something extremely affordable or get a huge upgrade in quality for the same budget. Many remnants are discounted up to 80%. You may not have as much choice as you’d like, but if you’re willing to be flexible on material and colour, the bargains are there to be taken.

Don’t Forget the Extras

If you’re shopping for a replacement carpet for the first time, you may not be aware of all the carpet extras you’ll need. From underlay to door strips, check out with your retailer and make sure you allow room in the overall budget. 

Arrange Everything Yourself

If you’re prepared to shop online separately for the carpet, the underlay and the accessories you will save so much money. There are specialist retailers for all these things, which all offer the best price you will find anywhere. Use the NICF (https://nicfltd.org.uk/)  to find a fitter in your area and pay them direct – any carpet shop arranging fitting will add money on top for doing so.

Frequently Asked Questions about Carpet Replacement

How much does a new carpet cost?

Unfortunately there’s no simple answer to this, it’s going to depend on the quality of the carpet and the size of your room. We would always recommend using a carpet calculator to identify how much you need and the overall cost.

What should you do with old carpet?

Your old carpet can be recycled (mostly) so it’s a good idea to take it to a recycling centre, or your carpet fitter will dispose of it for you. Old carpet comes in handy in gardens, sheds, in a loft, in the boot of your car or for upcycling projects so discarding it shouldn’t always be the first option.

How often should you replace your carpets?

The average life of a carpet is around 10 years but in a high traffic area like a hallway you may find signs of wear and tear earlier. 

Does a room have to be empty to remove a carpet?

This is a very common question and until you’ve experienced it, one may think you have to empty a room completely. Good carpet fitters will work around large objects though, like a bed, wardrobe or sofa, so don’t stress too much if these are too big and heavy to move.

Which type of carpet should I choose?

We could write a whole article on this area, but Which has a great piece to help you choose the right carpet for your room or area.

Is wood flooring better than carpet?

The answer to this question is often going to come down to personal circumstances. Wood floors are better for asthmatics and allergen sufferers, but some don’t like the feel of it in a bedroom. Carpet will deaden the sound in a room, often important in apartments or bedrooms. You can read more in Carpet vs Wood Flooring: Which is Best? 

We hope that makes you better informed about replacing your carpet, and that you enjoy the process. Good luck with you decorating and renovating your room. 

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