Silentnight BreathEasy Memory Foam Topper: Special Offer

Do you have a mattress topper on your bed? This is the brand new Silentnight Breatheasy Memory Foam Topper and it is divine. Keep reading if you’d like to take advantage of an amazing offer. 

If sleep is sometimes an issue for you, for whatever reason, then upgrading your mattress and transforming your quality of sleep has to be high on your priority list. 

A mattress topper is the perfect way to breathe life back into your bed and bring you a fabulous sleep night after night. 

Silentnight is the UK’s most trusted sleep brand, with over 70 years experience and a true understanding of sleep. I’m sure you’re very familiar with the brand, but maybe don’t know too much about a memory foam topper. 

The Silentnight Breatheasy Memory Foam Topper provides unparalleled breathability with great support and comfort. It has been specially designed to increase airflow and circulation, the air mesh side walls help this air escape to keep you comfortable in every season. 

If you’re worried about getting too hot (a common issue when memory foam toppers were first created) then don’t be. The breathability features in this topper mean you stay comfortable in your sleep all night long. 

Let’s just clarify the main features:

  • The Topper features a 3cm deep memory foam layer that moulds to the contours of your body and relieves achy joints.
  • Air mesh side walls help warm air to escape and increase air circulation and breathability.
  • The mesh side walls mean you get the support and comfort of memory foam without the typical draw-back of the dense foam becoming very warm.
  • The topper features elasticated corner straps to fit your mattress – completely rejuvenating the mattress.

And to give you extra peace of mind, the Silentnight Breatheasy Memory Foam Topper comes with a two year warranty, is hypoallergenic and the cover can be washed at 40 degrees.

So what does a good night’s sleep mean to me?

Well it means everything! When you’re a busy mum, running your own business, juggling teenagers and the home too, life can be pretty hectic. 

If I don’t get good quality sleep I really suffer. And so does everyone else around me. 

Our mattress, which you see in these images, is actually very firm and whilst we like that, a memory foam topper adds that extra layer of comfort that we need. It prevents us from waking with an aching back and sore joints. 

Our loft bedroom can also get very warm so we don’t want to add to temperature in bed, so it’s important our bedding is breathable and cool. Otherwise, it means broken sleep and then a tough day ahead. 

The exciting news is that the Silentnight Breatheasy Memory Foam Topper is available at a fabulous great value offer on QVC.

This offer will run from Monday 21st October at 9pm through to Tuesday 22nd at Midnight. 

If you were to buy the breatheasy memory foam topper direct from the Silentnight website you’d pay S £110, D £150, K £170, SK £190. 

The QVC offer will showcase an amazing saving on this product. 

Save up to £90 or 45% with this dealbased on the Super King Size new price of £96. 

Yes you can get your hands on this amazing product at an incredible price for one day only and really test out how you can transform your mattress and sleep. 

Remember though, this is a limited time discount so really take advantage of it now if you are at all interested. 

You won’t get another chance. 

Click HERE to go through to the QVC website to find out more and make your purchase. 

Remember this goes live on Monday 21st at 9pm. 

And do let me know if you go for it. I would love to know how you benefit from the topper and what difference it makes to your bed and your sleep. 

Jen x

Disclosure: Commissioned Post – thank you for supporting the brands that make the blog possible. 


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