John Lewis Launch New TV Ad – What Matters Most in your Home?

The brand new John Lewis Home Insurance tv ad has just launched this week and it’s amazing. It’s the first time they’ve advertised these products and like all John Lewis tv adverts, it’s pretty incredible. The tag line ‘what matters to you, matters to us’ is designed to get us thinking about the value and worth of the possesions in our life. It goes without saying that family will mean the most, but if you had to think about it, what home possessions do you have that mean a lot to you? Should you lose them, which items would you be saddest about.

It got me thinking about my own home, and aside from the family of course, what matters the most to me. I think without a doubt it has to be my photos. I’ve written before about how much it means to me to have photos of my family, children and friends scattered about my home. They remind me of the moment in which it was taken, of fun times, exciting times, sad and happy times, a moment to cherish. As I sit here now I can see on my noticeboard photos of me and Mummylish taken at Britmums, an old wedding photo (we recently celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary) and a photo of me with my oldest friend taken about 15 years ago at a Ball. A collection of small photos that all tell a very different story but have a very special place in my heart.

Of all my photos though, it has to be those of my children that give me most pleasure. Any mum would say the same wouldn’t they? I have filled every room with images of them from lovely canvases, to hand painted pictures to wall collages. It doesn’t mean much to anyone else but it means everything to me.

If you want to take a look at the brand new John Lewis Home Insurance tv ad, here it is – what does it make you think of?

Clever isn’t it?


Competition Time

Now to help support their new campaign John Lewis is inviting you to create your very own 6 second animation style video using Vine, the mobile app that allows creative video to be uploaded and shared across Twitter and Facebook.  All you need to do is create your Vine around something that matters to you and share it with the hashtag #whatmattersmost. If you haven’t used Vine before it’s really easy, honest. Just download the app to your phone and start playing around with it. It records once you put your finger on the screen and stops as soon you as you release it, allowing you to move around, or set the scene for the next piece of recording.

To get you in the mood and give you some idea of what they look like here’s one I created for the campaign showing some of my favourite home interior bits and bobs from around my home (can you spot some of my favourite photos?):


You can also see lots more Vines if you need extra inspiration on the John Lewis #WhatMattersMost microsite

They have some great prizes on offer too for the best Vines. There’s a weekly prize of a Canon SLR and a grand prize of £1000 John Lewis vouchers. The website has further details and more information if you need it.

But what are you waiting for! Get creative and have fun playing with Vine (beware, it can get a little bit addictive!)

You can find out more about this campaign and the TV Ad on the John Lewis What Matters Most website.

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  1. August 20, 2013 / 3:48 pm

    What a great idea for a comp, I used started really getting into Vine. What matters most to me? Photos rank right up there. I also love my new kitchen. x

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