7 Chic Ways to Display Your Favourite Jewellery

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It’s a shame that you can only wear so much jewelry at one time, especially when you have a lot of lovely pieces. One way to get more enjoyment out of your treasures is to display them at home.

Whether you’re interested in flexing your handywoman skills or not, with a little creativity and a few minutes of your time, you can create a fabulous presentation for your beautiful bijoux.

Keep reading to learn about 7 chic ways to display your favorite jewelry.

1. Picture Perfect Jewelry Holder

Here’s an idea that is stylish and practical because it doesn’t take up any tabletop space. Repurpose a picture frame into a chic and smart jewelry holder. Reuse a frame you have lying about or pick one up at your local flea market.

You’ll need a piece of plywood for the back, some screw eye hooks, a bit of 1/4 inch wire mesh, and some short pieces of molding. Have Gorilla Glue, a couple of heavy duty staples and some paint on hand for the finishing touches. After cutting the plywood to fit the frame, use Gorilla Glue to attach it.

While that dries, cut out a few pieces of wood molding to create a small box to go at the base of the frame to hold rings, earring backs, and other small bits and bobs.

Jonathan Adler at Sweetpea and Willow

Glue the pieces together, and then glue the box to the plywood. When it’s all dry, give the whole thing a coat of paint. White has a clean look that lets your jewels shine, but you decide what works best for your decor.

An alternative to paint is wallpaper. Depending on your taste, choose a pattern that coordinates or contrasts with the wall where it will be hung. Once everything is secure and dry, measure out the wire mesh for your dangly earrings. Cut to size, then staple the mesh to a couple of small pieces of molding and glue the lot down to the plywood. Next, attach the hook eyes for your necklaces to the backing.

Pro tip: staggering hooks allows for easy access. Also, pay attention to the length of different types of necklaces so they all fit within the frame. Voilà! In a very short amount of time, you will have a beautiful display for your bling!

2. Repurposed Tiered Tray

If you’re not the DIY type, this one requires absolutely zero construction skills – only a good eye and a little luck in ferreting out old crockery. Use a tiered tray to display your jewels. Even if you still love your tiered tower, someone you know probably has a spare one lying around collecting dust.

If you can’t scrounge up a cake stand and you still want to use this idea, head for the vintage shops where you will surely find something that suits your home decor style. As for how to display your jewels, some tiered stands have fabulous features, like dimples to hold eggs, perfect for rings or curled-up necklaces or bracelets.

If you’re feeling the DIY spirit, you can create your own tiered tower by gluing together two or three footed trays. Paint or decorate to your heart’s content!

3. Chic Branch Stand

Here’s one for the nature lovers. Collect and arrange branches in a vase to suspend your necklaces, bracelets, and other baubles.

If you want to kick things up a notch, spray paint the branches a mood-setting color, or perhaps you might choose to use shimmery paint to highlight the display. Another option is to use a bold black to bring your bling to the forefront.

This one is so easy, you can redo it for Christmas and for every season, or as often as the mood strikes to have a fresh, natural look.

4. Unique DIY Hooks

For the beachy types, a few hooks and a piece of driftwood are all you need to create a lovely, one-of-a-kind jewelry display. Simply screw some hooks into the driftwood and mount to the wall to create an instant mood.

A variation on this theme is to use decorative knobs in place of the hooks. Attach them to a plain piece of wood and you have a conversation starter whether or not you hang jewels from it.

5. Industrial Piping

For those who live in a modern flat or anyone who loves the bold industrial look, you’ll want to try this one. You’ll need a few pieces of 1/2 inch copper pipe: 1 10-inch, 1 5-inch and 2 6-inchers, and 2 1/2-inch T connectors.

You will also need a 4-inch bathroom tile in marble or anything that suits your decor. All of these items can be found at the hardware store, or possibly in your basement! Attach one T connector to the top of the 10 inch pipe and screw in the 2 6-inch pieces to create a tall T.

This is where you will hang your necklaces. Midway down the 10-inch piece, add the second T connector to act as a bracelet holder. Glue in place. Gorilla glue the whole to the base tile and let dry before use.

6. Minimalist Block & Dowel

Here’s another brilliant idea for those with limited storage space, or for those who prefer to keep the display understated. Take a small block of wood and secure a dowel to it using a pipe tie.

Add a dash of paint or varnish, and hang when dry. You can use a single dowel or go for a long strip of wood to have multiple dowels, creating unique minimalist wall art while keeping your jewelry handy!

This one looks very upscale but is in fact very simple to put together.

7. Vintage Box

Just about everyone has a pretty box lying about. Show it off by transforming it into a beautiful display case for your ring collection. All you need besides the box is a piece of foam rubber that fits the dimensions of the container and enough velvet to wrap the foam, with a few inches to spare.

Depending on how many rings you want to display, cut one, two, or more rows in your foam, about 1 inch apart. Next, lay the velvet on top of the foam and use a ruler to insert it down into each of the crevices.

Once you have lined all the slits, wrap the remaining fabric around the foam block and glue or pin it snugly, as if wrapping a gift. Insert the velvet-wrapped foam into the box, and arrange your rings. This one also makes a chic gift!

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