Hide the Clutter: Stylish Bedroom Storage

Stylish storage solutions for your bedroom

If you’re like me, you will be forever wishing and hoping for more storage space. Family homes are wonderful but you do collect an awful lot of treasures that need to be put away, stored and kept for another day. Our loft is bursting at the seams, we don’t have a garage and you simply can’t move in our shed. We need more space, or failing that we need better storage. One of the main places that becomes our general dumping ground, and maybe you find this too, is our lovely bedroom. It is supposed to be my sanctuary, my boutique inspired ‘get away from it all’, but quite frankly it has turned into what looks like a charity shop. I’m sat in there now as I type and I see piles of clothes, shoes, paperwork, electronics, books, magazines, washing, wellies and a charging toothbrush! Not exactly a sanctuary is it?

So what I need is some more inventive storage. Items that are practical but that look good too. I’ve been taking a look around and here’s what I’ve found:

Amazing Storage for your Bedroom:

So firstly, if you’re trying to solve storage problems in any bedroom you need to take a look at ottoman beds.Honestly they will be your saviour and I so wish I had one of these. We do have a divan double bed which has storage drawers but I’m sure you could get loads more in an ottoman bed. Much more than you imagined. And they look lovely too!

stylish bedroom storage

Books and Photographs:

Have somewhere to store the books you are reading is always a tricky one. Ours are piled by the side of the bed but could look so much better. I love this upcycled ladder that I’ve found through Pinterest; it’s also a great way to use up dead space in the room too. What do you think? As well as stacking your books on here, you could hang some photos too and really make it personal and unique to you.

stylish bedroom storageupcycled ladderImage: Crafts by Amanda

Stylish Storage Cubes:

I do like a bit of symmetry and I think that’s why this set of storage cubes has caught my eye. What’s even better though is the amount of storage space a unit like this can give you. You’d be amazed if you look around at your bedroom, at how much spare or dead space there really is. Creating a unit like this one, bespoke if you need to, will give you bags of storage space that you never had before. You can fill it with nick nacks or better still, use storage boxes, the type we get from Ikea, label them and fill away to your heart’s content.

shelving storage

Image: Domestically Speaking

Bedside Storage:

You know how much I love a bit of upcycling. Well here’s the ultimate in upcycling ideas. Grab yourself one of these fabulous old trunks – maybe you have one in the loft or the garage already – and put it to very good use. Not only will something like this be ideal as a bedside unit, you will also be able to pack loads of towels or sheets, or even books into it.  If you’re going to need to open it regularly though, I’d get rid of the bedside lamps and have a light mounted on the wall instead. It will be so much more practical.

upcycled trunkImage: Home Inspiration Design

But of course if you don’t have a trunk, maybe you have a set of vintage suitcases?!

stylish bedroom storage

Image: Apartment Therapy

Jewellery Storage:

And finally, I’m always looking for new ways to store my jewellery. Currently it’s on hooks on the inside of the wardrobe doors but I love this idea. Why not make a real feature of your jewellery on something stunning like this nordic inspired jewellery mounting. Isn’t it gorgeous? And you could make one just like it if you were feeling inspired.

stylish bedroom storage

Image: A Beautiful Mess

So what do you think of my finds? I’m loving some of these ideas for my own bedroom, when I get round to updating it. Would you use any of these ideas in you home? Aren’t they fabulous stylish bedroom storage solutions?

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