Make the Most of a Small Space with Self Storage

How can one make the most of a small space using self storage?

Living a modern and contemporary lifestyle can be expensive, and with so many innovative hobbies and creative designs available, it can be challenging to truly enjoy the life you want without creating clutter and chaos in the safe space of your home.

Don’t let a lack of space in your home hold you back from purchasing equipment and gadgets required to enjoy your preferred sport or hobby – especially if the space is being occupied by clutter.

Believe it or not, it is possible to create a relaxed and spacious environment without having to get rid of your necessities or items that bear significance.

There are a number of solutions to declutter your home and maximise your space – no matter how small it may be.

Tips to Declutter:

  1. Set goals for decluttering. This includes deciding on what cluttered areas in your home you would like to create more space in, and setting target completion dates to work towards.
  2. Develop a sorting system whereby your items are grouped. These groups of belongings can be used to determine what you would like keep in the home, throw out, donate or keep stored safely in a self storage unit. Here’s a storage facility in Brighton that offers a free collection service.
  3. Start in one area of your home and only move onto the next area once you have fully decluttered a space.
  4. Carry around a damp cloth to wipe areas where dust has been accumulating over many months. This will help your home feel cleaner and fresher – immediately opening up space.
  5. Be ruthless in getting rid of clutter that needs to be thrown away or is no longer valuable to you.

Decluttering your home will open up space, and change the entire atmosphere of your home. What if you can’t, or don’t want to, throw your items away though?

Self storage is a great way to declutter, while still keeping your treasured possessions safe!

When you have a small home, you need somewhere to store your possessions. Self storage is a great solution for those with small spaces and has heaps of benefits. #selfstorage #smallhomes #smallspaces #lovechicliving

The Benefits of Self Storage:

Choose a self storage unit that is conveniently located and easily accessible so that you can access your precious belongings whenever you wish.

People store a variety of different belongings in safe and secure storage units, ranging from equipment they seldom use, sports equipment, seasonal belongings and gadgets of all shapes and sizes. Regardless of your need, you can find a storage unit that suits you.

Comments Sarah Willmore, a mother of two who is passionate about home DIY,

Having two busy children in a small apartment limits the space that I have to store my personal belongings, and the space I need for my various DIY projects. Using self storage as an extension of my home has been the best solution yet. When I’m not using tools or materials that take up space, I simply pop them in my self storage unit for safe keeping. In addition to being able to keep my valuable, but seldom used belongings, secure and accessible, I have also been able to store boxes of seasonal clothes in my unit. This has dramatically changed the atmosphere of our home by removing clutter.

Sarah is one of many self storage customers who take advantage of the cost-effective, secure and convenient solution that self storage provides.

Creating space in your smaller home environment has never been easier, and with flexible store hours and easy accessibility, there is nothing holding you back from accessing your precious belongings when needed.

Sandra Morris writes for leading UK self storage company Storage King, offering insight and tips into home improvement and how best to leverage property value, specifically for first-time buyers. A writer by day and a reader by night, Sandra is passionate about sharing her property and self storage knowledge to making a positive contribution to people’s homes and their investment returns.

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