10 Easy Ways to Update the Entrance to your Home

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The New Year often brings change and many people decide this is the time to sell their homes. Houses are put on the market with a view to exchanging in the Spring but this is also the time of year when the outside of our home gets least attention. We neglect our porch, forget to sweep up the leaves and generally let things go a little. But if you are going to sell your home you really need to put in a little effort and give the front of your home some Kerb Appeal!

What does that mean? Well I’ve put together a few of my top tip for sprucing up the outside of your house in the hope that you’ll attract buyers. Even if you aren’t selling your home there are plenty of ideas here for some short DIY projects to brighten up the entrance to your home.

The first rule for any DIY job, no matter how big or small is to set about tidying up and decluttering. The same tips can apply to the outside entrance of your home. Make sure you sweep up all the dead leaves and any litter from around your front gate and from your path or driveway. No-one wants to be walking through soggy debris on the way to your front door. And take a good look at your doorway and clean away any cobwebs that have collected over the winter months. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

  • Give your Front Door a lick of Paint

Paintwork on the Front Door can become very tired very quickly, particularly in the Winter so stand back and be honest. Does your Front Door need a fresh coat of paint? If so, consider using a new, fresh colour. Keep it neutral and welcoming; you don’t want to frighten away potential buyers with a bright orange front door! Check out the range at Farrow and Ball for some classic wood colours and shades.

  • Consider new Door Furniture

A bright new shiny letterbox, a matching door knocker and a fresh door handle will really add the finishing touches to that newly painted front door. They don’t have to cost a fortune; local DIY shops usually carry a really good range, so do consider updating them.

  • Add a Striking Door Number

Don’t forget that you need a clear House Number, visible from the road. You don’t want new buyers scrambling around trying to find your house. If you’re looking for something modern and contemporary with great wow factor try some of the window film house number stickers available from companies like Brume

  • Add Plants and Greenery

A fresh hanging basket or planter filled with Winter greenery will soon brighten up a dull front doorway. Pop to your local garden centre and stock up on some wintering pansies or a small evergreen shrub and your front door will instantly look more inviting.

  • Pep up your Porch

If you’re lucky enough to have a porch entrance apply the same rules as above. Declutter and sweep, make sure coats and boots are minimal and have a welcoming piece of wall art to make it feel more like a mini room rather than a dumping ground.

  • Spruce up your Garage Door

The Garage area needs the same kind of care as the front door so take a good look and consider a fresh coat of paint if necessary. You may need to be really honest and think about replacing the door if it’s beyond repair and it’s a good investment. A company like Associated Garage Doors carry a great contemporary range if you’re need that kind of style.

  • Makeover your Front Gate

If your gate is hanging from its hinges, or the wood is rotten then it’s going to need some TLC. Replace it if it’s really bad but otherwise consider painting, staining or removing the rust. This really is a potential buyers first entrance point so make it a good one!

  • Fencing and Hedges

From the road the boundaries to your home need to look cared for and in good condition. Make sure any rotten fencing is replaced or fixed and that hedges get a trim. For buyers who are driving by, the look of your front fence will give them a good indication of how you look after the rest of your home.

  • Change your Doormat!

A little detail that usually gets overlooked. The outer doormat into your home gets tatty and soggy in the Winter months so pop to the DIY shop and get a new one. It will only cost a tenner but will be money very well spent.

Good luck to anyone trying to sell their home this year, and hopefully you’ve found something useful in the tips and advice here.

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The entrance to your home gives friends, guests and visitors that very important first impression. These easy, quick and often inexpensive ideas give your front door the improvement it deserves. Click through to see which ones you could do to give your home instant kerb appeal.

And for more ideas on how to update the front door of your home, check out this post from Thrifty Home blog. 

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  1. Amanda
    January 7, 2013 / 12:49 pm

    Oh I’m a great believer in the importance of the first impression at the front of a house. I’ve got to say we have let ours slip recently. Great ideas, I’m going to follow these and put them into practice.

  2. Becky
    January 7, 2013 / 3:09 pm

    I love this feature such giood tips!

  3. Home Furniture Company
    January 7, 2013 / 5:00 pm

    I have to agree with you that people generally tend to increase their interest in moving houses in January. The moment that the estate agents opened their doors for the new year, I had interest in the property I’m selling. I will definitely be giving my front door a bit of a spruce up to entice the potential buyers. Thanks!

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  5. Tanya
    April 7, 2015 / 6:58 am

    really , such wonderful& creative ideas…….thnks to provide this tips!!!

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