Moving House Checklist: 15 Tips for a Stress Free Move

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You’ll need a moving house checklist if you want to keep your house move as stress free as possible

Moving house is a huge life event that we often forget to enjoy due to last-minute stresses. By staying organised and preparing for your move, you can ensure a smooth moving day. Here are the 15 best tips and tricks for an organised house move. 

Moving House Checklist: 15 Tips for a Stress Free Move

Create a moving house checklist 

You should create a moving house checklist prior to any packing. By creating a plan, you’ll know when you’ll have to do certain tasks in the build-up towards moving day. Making a list of everything that needs to be done for the move can help you stay organised and give each task a timescale, avoiding becoming overwhelmed.

Book moving company in advance 

Booking a London Man and Van or a removal company in advance of your moving date, will not only save you disappointment, but it allows you to factor in your removal costs and save up.

Getting your removals sorted early on will mean you can have your pick of dates and times, as they often fill up quickly. Consider man van services like who can be cheaper than national removals companies.

Declutter before packing

Decluttering before moving house is essential for your family to stay organised. Not only will you get rid of items you no longer have use or space for, but you will save money on your house removal costs as you will be taking fewer items with you.

Moving House Checklist: Use self-storage 

filled packing boxes in an empty room in a house part of a moving house checklist

Using self-storage throughout your house move is an ideal solution if you’re downsizing or want to declutter for house viewings. Storage is flexible, with short and long-term options available, meaning you can keep your items in storage for as little or as long as you wish. To keep costs down, it’s important to compare self storage units for the best deal.

Create a packing inventory

Once you’ve decluttered, you can then create a packing inventory of all the items you’ll be packing and taking with you to your new home. By creating an inventory of your items, you’ll always know where everything is when it comes to unpacking and it’s an essential part of your moving house checklist.

Be prepared with packing materials 

brown label for a moving house checklist

Gather your packing materials in advance so you’re fully prepared. You’ll need cardboard and plastic boxes for heavier items, tape, bubble wrap, bed sheets or towels to double up as protective wrap and labels.

Label boxes 

It’s vital to label your packing boxes so when it comes to unpacking, you’ll know which box can go in which room. This should be listed on your inventory too, so if you ever need to find a certain item, you’ll know exactly where it is. It’s ideal to pack room by room, starting with the rooms you use the least.

Pack room by room 

You should organise your packing based on room or items that you use the least. Start with rooms such as the attic or the garage as these are often storage spaces with items you rarely use. You should end your packing on items you use the most and will most likely need to unpack first, such as kitchen utensils or bedding

Moving House Checklist: Pack an essentials box 

Don’t forget to pack your essential items in a separate box which should be kept with you at all times and not in the removal van. Items like medication and phone chargers should be packed together so you can access them any time you like during moving day. 

Keep fragile and valuables separate

Do not pack any fragile or valuable items at the bottom of the box and keep them separate and well wrapped. This will help to avoid any damage to your fragile items and make them easy to find as they’ll all be in one place.

Arrange child and pet care for the day 

If you have young children or pets, it’s best to have them away from the chaos that moving day can entail. Organise your child and pet care for the day, or have your family look after your kids to avoid any disruption to their school day.

Take a photo of anything that needs to be re-wired/plugged in

Next up on the moving house checklist is this. If you’re taking any light fixtures, take a photo of where the wires were if this is something you’re experienced in doing. It works the same way as your tv, by taking a photo you can ensure you’re plugging every cable into the right area.

Use the removal companies services

Removal companies offer many additional services to help with moving day such as packing or furniture dismantling. Furniture dismantling especially comes in handy for large items of furniture such as beds and wardrobes and they’ll often put them back together again in your new home.

Change your address

Changing your address with important services such as the bank, DVLA and voting registry is vital. By doing this, you’ll not only avoid any private documents falling into the wrong hands, but you’ll lower the risk of missing any important letters. You can redirect your mail with the Post Office for a fee.

Organise utilities

Once you’re in your new home, take down a meter reading for the gas and electricity so you can let the current provider you’ve moved in. They’ll know what to charge you going forward and you’ll also avoid paying for the previous owner’s usage. 

So now you have your moving house checklist it’s time to really get organised and ensure smooth transition to your new home.

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