Using A Discount Code to Save Money on Home Decor

Do you ever use a discount code when you buy things for your home?

We’ve spent a lot of time in our homes over the last few months.

We’ve realised their faults, become jaded with the decor and found issues you never knew existed. 

You might be like me, and want to spend time and money on improving and replacing certain areas of your home. You might want to miminise the amount of money you outlay though, cautious about the future, and wanting the get the best deal available. 

And that’s why I love a good bargain. 

I love a discount, a sale opportunity or the chance to make my money go further. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending on my home, but who doesn’t love a bargain. 

Let’s talk about how to save money using discount codes. 

Kitchen Appliances Discount Code

large merican fridge freezer

For example I love Appliances Online – or AO as many know them – and their products, plus service. I’ve bought quite a few electrical appliances from them and know that my family and friends have too. Their prices are good, their delivery times are pretty cool too, and you can even pay for expert fitting of things like your gas hob. 

So it would be even better to find a discount code to use for them wouldn’t it. 

Codesium is a good place to start to find an AO discount code

Check out these discount offers which are available right now. 

It also reminds you that there are discounts available when you sign up to the newsletter, refer a friend and when you create an AO account too

At this time, in the current situation we need to be savvy about how we spend our money, as well as support the brands and companies we like; we need to keep the money flowing for the greater economic good. 

So if a discount code can make the transaction for a new kitchen appliance a little easier, then why not. Right?

Discount Code for Lighting – Achica

Achica is a great place to find timed sales for beautiful, luxury homewares, all at great discounted prices. 

I’ve shopped here before and their deals are REALLY good. 

As with other sale sites, you create an account and get access to the sale once it becomes live. 

It’s a great way to shop more unusual, and higher end homewares at great prices. 

So not strictly a discount code, more of a discount club. And a good one. 

At the time of writing, these lights are all at great prices in the current sale – up to 60% off. 


Instagram – Discounted Home Accessories

Finally the 3rd place I’d look for a discount code for homewares is Instagram.

Now this may seem a little unusual but hear me out. 

Many UK home companies will work with popular Instagrammers to showcase products in their home who then post about these products on their Instagram account.

The best way a brand can track how successful this is, is by giving the Instagrammer a discount code to share with their followers. When the code is used, it can be tracked back to that particular Instagrammer, and so the whole collaboration can be measured. 

It’s a win win for everyone. You, as a consumer, get a great discount code to use on some very lovely homewares.

A brand that does this regularly is Desenio. They sell wonderful wall art and have great tips for how to create wall galleries. The art below is all from Desenio in previous collaborations. 

Desenio Wall Art and Discount Code

So follow some of your favourite Instagram home accounts (don’t forget me of course – follow me here!) and look out for discount codes on home goods and home accessories. 

So there you go, 3 great ways to get discounts on your homewares. And hopefully, these are fresh ideas you’ve not come across before and will look to use in the future. 

Do you use a discount code and if so, where to do you find them?

Jen x


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