Creating a Cosy Coffee Corner: How to Incorporate Coffee Machines into Your Home Decor

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Billions of people globally start their day with a refreshing cup of coffee. Creating a coffee nook in your home is a fantastic way to leverage your caffeine habit into a mindful moment that contributes to your well-being and your decor. Today we’re going to explore the basics of creating a great coffee corner, and how to pick the right machine for your needs.


Consider a Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine for Your Home

For many of us, a bean-to-cup coffee machine offers the ideal balance of simplicity, convenience, space-saving, and practicality for a home coffee corner. Bean-to-cup coffee machines blend (pun intended) the coffee grinding process with the brewing into one seamless whole. This ensures your beans are, quite literally, as freshly ground as possible. The seamless transition from grinding to brewing makes for a convenient one-stop process, too. Additionally, you can reduce the need for other paraphernalia like coffee grinders if space is tight.

If you’re feeling particularly fancy, opt for one with a milk frothing option. This will allow you to expand your coffee routine with lattes and cappuccinos for a decadent twist. As with all high-calibre machines, a bean-to-cup coffee machine will allow you to control the strength of your coffee, its brewing temperature, and more to ensure the perfect coffee experience every time. Most have self-cleaning features to help you simplify maintenance, too, making them ideal for home setups.

If you’re a coffee enthusiast who sees flavour and freshness as a critical part of your coffee experience, adding a custom bean-to-cup coffee machine to your home is a fantastic way to amp up your coffee experience as well as add a cosy touch of luxury to your life!

Why Create a Coffee Corner at Home?

Our homes should be a haven of peace and soul-restoring tranquillity, as the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns highlighted all too well. No matter your budget, there is plenty you can do to enhance your enjoyment of your home (a popular concept known as Hygge). If sipping a cup of delicious coffee is a critical part of your day, it makes sense to reshape that experience from huddling at the end of the shared dining table with whatever clean mug you can find to something that adds a special touch. What coffee fan would say no to their very own coffee shop in-house? That’s the core idea of the coffee corner or nook.

Not only will having a dedicated coffee station beautifully laid out make brewing your coffee simpler and more convenient, but it also allows you to showcase your personality, creates a beautiful extension to socialising and entertaining, and can even help boost your mindfulness and encourage you to relax and feel safely nested in your home. And that’s a feeling we all need!

The Basics of a Good Coffee Corner

The aesthetics and core design of your coffee nook are up to you and your budget, but there are some basics every great coffee station needs.


A coffee corner doesn’t have to be grand to be wonderful. So if you only have a small area available, you can still create something beautiful. You could use shelves on a wall, a cabinet, an upcycled chest of drawers, a pull-out trolley, or part of a corridor or counter you don’t use much. There’s something for every size, style, and budget, so don’t be afraid to let your imagination free! We’d recommend leaving about 2 feet, or a little over half a metre, of space to work with, machine-dependant.


Remember that items like coffee machines need electricity, that the area needs to be safe and secure (especially if you have kids or pets), and that you want to be able to create an open space to work in. Make sure your machine fits the chosen area, and either incorporate a small bar fridge into your design or plan to place it near your kitchen fridge. If possible, try to hide cables within the design for aesthetic value. Most of us will use a countertop coffee machine model, but if your budget extends to an in-line machine, you need to be able to create a cute housing for it and access plumbing and electricity lines.


Now you can have some fun! Round up all those cups and storage jars you love and build an aesthetic or theme around them. Or invest in something new that inspires you! With a wealth of gorgeous containers and gadgets to suit every taste, you’re sure to feel some inspiration brewing as you plan. Love a little chocolate with your drink? Add a darling chocolate container. Like healthy options? Then add some stevia or low-cal sweetener to the mix. If you’re a mug fanatic, plan some display options to showcase them. If space is tight, leverage a lazy Susan to help you work with what you have. You get the idea!

As you can see, the core concepts of a great at-home coffee station are simple. It’s about creating a dedicated space that’s easy to use, neat and ordered, always available, and fun to look at. Your coffee nook needs to be something that speaks to you and what you love, so there’s no ‘wrong’ way to develop it as long as these basics are in place. Now it’s time to reinvent your coffee habit into a fun and reinvigorating part of your day. What inspiration will you choose?

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