7 Garage Design Ideas for the Enthusiastic Car Lover

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When you love your car, you also like its structure, design, strength and look. The same should go for its home that keeps the vehicle safe and secure: the garage. And if you are a genuine car enthusiast, then your garage probably means much more than just a space where you park your vehicle. Car enthusiasts dream of having the perfect garage, as they spend most of their time in this space.

So, if you want a garage with a nice blend of aesthetics and practicality, you need to look for inspiration.

There are no set rules when it comes to designing your garage, as you can do whatever you want that will make you feel happy. If you are a passionate car lover, you need the right workspace, so you have to design this specific place carefully.

After all, your garage will not be just a simple space where you keep holiday decorations and store tools but will feel more like a playground. 

Your garage can become your sanctuary if you keep in mind some important considerations.

Here are the best design ideas for a functional and stylish garage. 

1. Upgrade the Floor

Nowadays, there are plenty of garages that have uneven or rough flooring. This will not only look terrible but can also damage your car’s wheels. Also, significant cracks and dips can be dangerous for you and others who walk across your garage. 

So, the floor is the first thing you need to take care of when remodelling your garage. Redoing the floor will enhance the comfort and safety of your garage so that you will spend the best time with your precious treasure. 

There is a diverse range of options when you choose the flooring for your garage. You can implement flooring made from graphite or sandstone or decorate with interlocking white and black floor tiles. But, if these options are too expensive, you can also revamp your floors with a polyaspartic or epoxy coating. Whatever you pick, it will surely be better than the uneven ground or bare concrete that many garages have at the moment. 

2. Keep Safety In Mind

When you have a car, it is paramount to keep in mind safety, whether when you drive it or where you park it. When you drive, you must keep distractions away; if not, many terrible things can happen to you and your car.

If you check your car constantly, you will reduce the chances of experiencing a technical breakdown that can result in an accident. However, you might still find yourself in an accident because of another person’s negligence.

If that happens, you need to know that you can claim compensation for the harm done; you can find out more at https://www.accidentclaims.co.uk/personal-injury-compensation/car-accident-claims

Now that you know you must stay safe while you are behind the wheel, it is time to consider alternatives to keep your car secure at home.

For example, you need to implement some ideas to protect your vehicle in case of hazards. Garages are often situated at low points and can be very susceptible to flooding.

You do not want this to happen, so you must consider extra protection to keep your vehicle safe and dry. 

3. Organise the Garage Space

If you are a person who feels the happiest when you are near your car, you need to stay organised and keep the mess away. You probably know how frustrating it is to have an unorganised garage, as you must spend a lot of time searching for that particular tool. So, why not change that? 

If you want to make your garage more organised, you need to make the most of the space.

Various smart storage ideas will help you optimise the garage. From clever organisational tricks to tool racks that save lots of space, you can change the functionality in your garage forever.

When your garage is way too cramped, it is hard to relax and feel comfortable. This is why it is important to organise the area, no matter the dimensions it has. 

4. Install the Right Lighting

Garages have a common problem- they often don’t have a good light. So, it is time to change that and light up your garage. If you do so, you will be able to appreciate your car as you should and not squint at it through the dim light. Investing in small overhead lights will be good, as this helps you create a welcoming and cosier atmosphere.

You can also try to incorporate some natural light by installing oversized windows. 

But keep in mind that a combination of electrical and natural light will always be the best option. 

5. Add a Car Lift

If you truly love your car, you will probably go the extra mile to show it off, so why not install a car lift? Also, with the help of car lifts, you can better optimise the dimensions of your garage, as you can transform a small one or two-car garage into something much bigger that can incorporate three or even four cars.

This will be the best idea if you have a collection of cars but don’t have enough space to store them safely. 

6. Showcase your Tools

Tools are important for your garage, so why not turn them into statement items? Buy some of the best tools you find in the market and be ready to showcase them, as they will improve the look of your garage. Also, this idea will prove practical, as you will finally not lose your tools anymore. 

7. Add Your Personality

When you are remodelling your garage, you need to remember that it is your space, after all, so you need to let your personality shine and create a place where you will feel the most comfortable. Because you have worked very hard to have the car of your dreams, now it is time to create the garage you always wished to have. No idea will be too big when you put your mind to it, so make sure to design a garage that fits your wants and needs.

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