Are Walk-In Wardrobes Now More Important than Local Schools For Housebuyers?

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Walk-in wardrobes, under-floor heating and sound systems built into the walls – for many of us, these kind of high-spec features are the sort of things that will only ever exist in our dreams homes. However, a new study has revealed that homebuyers are increasingly looking for these things when searching for property. So, maybe we can justify these luxuries – after all, if it’s for the sake of property investment then who can argue?

The research, which was conducted by insurance company Aviva, examined the 5 million properties that are currently for sale in the UK. Of these, 275,000 advertise ‘high-spec interior’ as a main selling point in their estate agents’ listings. Of these, which features are sellers bragging about the most?

  • 63% are enticing prospective buyers in with promises of under-floor heating
  • 27% hope to impress with granite work surfaces in the kitchen and modern marble flooring
  • 2% boast of speakers built into the ceilings
  • 1% call out to shopaholics with their advertisement of a walk-in wardrobe in the property

It’s not only the fancy built-in features that buyers are lapping up, either. 2% of sellers are making a point of listing their fashionable appliances that are coming with the house too, with Smeg standing out as one of the trendiest brands to namedrop.

Of course, 275,000 out of the 5 million doesn’t really indicate that we’re turning into a nation of Carrie Bradshaw wannabes, but when seen alongside the rest of the data from the study it does indicate a definite shift in our property requirements.

Traditionally, things listed in property adverts would include information on local schools, transport links and what band of council tax the house falls into. Nowadays though, these things seem to be falling by the wayside. In the North East, schools are only mentioned in a mere 2% of property listings, while transport connections only crop up in 1%.

So, why this shift? It could be because people are just more used to commuting to work or school these days, meaning that buyers don’t regard what’s in the close vicinity to be of too much worry. Alternatively, it could be because have realised that a Smeg fridge really is the secret to happiness. Whatever the reason, if you’re in a battle with your partner to try to have some of these features installed in your home, then this survey is definitely a good trump card to pull out to help your case.

This article was written by Claire on behalf of Property Price Advice, an online property valuation tool.

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