How to Integrate a Colourful Sofa into your Room Scheme

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Many of us decorate our living rooms in neutral tones. The living room is often a place of calm and relaxation so anything too bright or attention grabbing can detract from that peaceful feeling. But equally we use the living room for entertaining, so we want to be able to decorate it to fit the occasion.

It’s all very well painting the room a lovely shade of magnolia cream or pewter grey, but sometimes a room can look a little unwelcoming without any colour. Sometimes you need something a little brighter either to cheer up your room or to add an accent focal point.


colourful sofa

One option is to choose a colourful sofa. SofaSofa’s Cleo Range comes in a variety of colours with simple hardwood feet. Why not try it in this gorgeous mustard shade? It works well with grey tones; almost like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day!

It also comes in eight other shades so you can easily pick one that suits your own style. The Fushia and Blue shades will brighten up any room lacking in light whilst the Aubergine and Burgundy colours bring warmth and a cosy feeling, especially in winter.

If you’re a little cautious of investing money in such a big and bright piece of furniture, why not try a more neutral sofa and use cushions or throws to add accents of colour instead. The Cleo sofa also comes in this chic shade of pewter, here seen with blue and green complimentary shades.

colourful sofa

You could also add scatter cushions in a variety of styles from patterned to plain. In summer why not try hot pinks and bright turquoise or deep reds and purples in winter? Or, how about buying a footstool or armchair in a different colour to contrast with your sofa?

If you’re looking for something a little smaller then look to this Monaco Sofa. It comes in a staggering 15 different shades so there’s something to suit absolutely everyone. From a deep wine colour to a fresh green, this sofa has a variety of shades to compliment your room or accent one colour.

colourful sofa


If you’ve already got a colourful living room choosing a sofa in a contrasting colour will add a modern twist. When given a bright covering this classic Austen sofa really draws the eye.

colourful sofa

You could also try decorating your room with a minty green for a fresh contemporary style or a duck-egg blue for a regency style.

Whether you want an accent for your living room or a complimentary colour, choosing the right furniture can make a big difference to the ambience of your room. A bright sofa is an easy way to liven up even the darkest of spaces whilst a deep coloured fabric is not only practical but will make a cold room welcoming.

Just remember to take a sample of your wall colour with you when choosing a sofa and you’ll always leave with the right sofa for you.

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    I love colourful sofas!

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    December 11, 2013 / 11:03 pm

    Where can I find the gorgeous turquoise sofa at the top?

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