Outdoor Living: The B&Q #BBQChallenge Part 2

So, as you may have seen earlier in the week, we’ve been taking part in the #BBQChallenge issued by B&Q. It’s National BBQ week as well, so we’ve been dodging the rain to really put the Bondi G300 BBQ through its paces.

I recently posted about 2 recipes we’d tried out, including a breakfast of Pancakes, Bacon, French Toast and Berries, and a scrummy Veggie lunch with Tacos and Halloumi kebabs.

This time I’m going to show you what we’ve been barbecuing for our dinner.


Dinner #1: Smokey BBQ Beef Kebabs, Jacket Potatoes and Roasted Vegetables

This was a real treat, and something I’d love to do again, particularly in place of a heavy Sunday Roast, when the sun is shining.

Pre cooked beef kebabs

After marinading the diced steak in BBQ sauce for 45 minutes, I made up the kebabs, alternating the meat with peppers and tomatoes. For the children, I just used plain steak without the sauce. The potatoes were cooked slightly in the microwave, then wrapped in foil and cooked on the BBQ for the last 15 minutes, and the chopped vegetables were tossed in a little oil and placed in the foil tray to cook on the grill. They took about 15-20 minutes.

Beef kebabs


The steak kebabs only needed about 10 minutes to cook, and tasted divine. It was really easy, cost about £10 for the 4 of us, and was delicious.


Dinner #2: Barbecued Salmon in Brown Sugar Marinade

Again, another very simple recipe, with some marinade time and another very easy to cook meal.


I mixed together the soy sauce, olive oil, brown sugar, garlic and lemon juice in a bowl and marinaded the salmon steaks for about an hour. I guess you could leave them longer for a more intense flavour. Once the BBQ was hot enough at the recommended 200 degrees, cooking the salmon pieces in their foil nest took just about 15 minutes. Again I served these with our favourite jacket potatoes and roasted vegetables.

BBQ Salmon

Salmon BBQ

Another very delicious, easy to prepare and cook recipe that worked a treat on the Bondi G300.

Finally, I wanted to show you this desert that we had great fun with, that everyone loved.


Desert: Brownie and Fruit Kebabs

Kebabs are a great success on the BBQ, and I found this fun recipe very popular. What a great way to get the kids eating fruit after dinner.

Fruit kebabs

Simply thread the fruit, (firmer varieties work best) onto the skewer, with a small piece of brownie in the centre. Cook on the BBQ for about 5 minutes, turning frequently so the fruit doesn’t burn, or go too soft. The brownie will get warm and gooey, and finish off with a drizzling of honey, if that’s to your taste.

Brownie fruit kebabs

I can honestly say, these kebabs didn’t hang around long once they’d been served!


So what do you think of our recipes so far? Do you have a favourite? Or maybe you have a suggestion for something else I can try.

I’ve never barbecued on a Gas BBQ before, and I’ve found it exceptionally straightforward, quick and easy, this week. The sun is shining as I write, so I’m planning what I can do for dinner tonight, once the children are home. Unfortunately, there’s rain forecast for the birthday party we have planned for tomorrow, so I may be barbecuing under the umbrella. Wish me luck!

Disclosure: The BBQ and Food voucher was gifted from B&Q as part of the #BBQChallenge. All work, opinions and thoughts are honest and my own, however.

Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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  1. Antonia Ludden
    June 9, 2014 / 8:13 am

    Jen, you have really risen to the #BBQ Challenge, I’m really impressed with the recipes you’ve come up with and everything looks so delicious. I’m definitely going to give some of these ideas a try at home.

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