Siemens AvantGarde iSensoric Washing Machine Review: First Impressions

I’ve been testing out this machine for a few weeks now, and wanted to bring you my first impressions; what I’ve found out so far, and how easy it has been to set up and use. My full Siemens AvantGarde iSensoric washing machine review will follow later, but for now here’s what I’ve discovered so far.

Siemens AvantGarde iSensoric Washing Machine Review:

Siemens AvantGarde iSensoric Washing machine reviewSo there are two main things I’d look for when choosing a washing machine and I assume you’re probably the same. Firstly, I’d look at the settings and features, and in particular the drum size. With children, and one child who trains 3 times a week, it’s imperative to have a big drum size to keep washloads manageable.

Secondly, I see how they look. My washing machine sits in my kitchen as I don’t have a separate utility and I like it to look good, even coordinating with the other appliances where possible.

The Features:

Siemens AvantGardeLet’s start with an overview of how this machine works. It’s a 9kg load machine with a max spin speed of 1400rpm, and has a touch sensor panel across the top of the machine. It also has an intelligent dosing system for both washing detergent and fabric softener, meaning you fill these up, and then the machine allocates the correct dose per wash.

It took a little while to get used to the way the panel works but only a few goes before we got it just right. It doesn’t need a heavy touch. Just a feather light touch to select the settings and hit the ‘play’ or go button and it works a dream.

Loading the machine is easy, and the door opens solidly and comfortably. I love that is has a big door (so many machines have a small opening) so allowing you to throw in your washing easily. And when the cycle is done and you open the door, a light comes on. Honestly, I love this feature. How many times have I left a couple of socks inside stuck to the drum? Oh too many to count. But this little feature means that never happens. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the big difference.

Regarding the intelligent dosing system, we weren’t sure we had the correct detergent to begin with. I was using a Persil concentrate in a ball inside the drum and didn’t think this would be suitable for the dosing system, so we waited until this was all used up before we bought something else; this time a detergent suitable for a drawer.

The Look:

Siemens AvantGarde in situOk, I’m going to be honest and say this isn’t necessarily perfect for my kitchen. I don’t think it looks bad necessarily, but it could be a little sleeker and more contemporary looking. Sometimes I like my washing machines to have a bit of style about them and maybe not look too much like an actual washing machine. The Siemens AvantGarde iSensoric is certainly high tech, and not unpleasant on the eye, but I would prefer it in a non-white finish. That’s just me though, and this look might be ideal for you, and perfect for your kitchen or utility.

Now you might see from the image that it’s sticking out slightly into the room. It fits well, is a standard size but just a bit deeper than our other machine, so isn’t flush with the units. I don’t have a problem with this but thought I’d mention it in case that’s something that’s an issue for you.

I do like how it feels. I mentioned above about the touch sensor panel and how it feels, and that goes for the whole of the machine. The door has a good solid feel to it; it gives a hearty clunk when it closes and so you know this machine is going to last many years. It doesn’t feel flimsy or tinny, but good quality and very robust.

Ok so those are my first impressions of the new washer. Next time I’m going to go into more detail about the different settings and cycles, which ones we’ve used and found to be useful, and those that aren’t. Plus I’ll be looking at how good this machine is, or isn’t, at actually washing the clothes. After all, that’s what we really want to know right.

In the meantime if you want to have a look at the machine in more detail, you can see it HERE on the Siemens website.

Post brought to you in collaboration with Siemens. 

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