Solar Energy for Schools: Involving Children

My eldest daughter Miss E, is a member of her school’s Eco Club. I’m really proud of the way she’s embraced the club and its work and has taken on some of the projects to help raise money for them. In the next few weeks they are running an Eco Fair for both the school children and parents. I shall be taking the afternoon off away from the laptop to go and support them.

At almost 11 she is preparing to go up to Secondary School, and is like a sponge at the moment, lapping up any new information, even though she’s been studying for SATS. To be honest, it’s probably because of the SATS studying that she’s been eager to take on something new and more creative.

Her independence has grown incredibly over the last 6 months, and responsibility at school has been playing a big part in developing that part of her character. Being a school play monitor, organising cake sales and preparing for her last primary school trip to Snowdonia all help, but it’s projects like this at the Eco Club that have really brought out her organisational side.

solar panelsThe school is aiming to raise £7k to fund solar panels. The teachers involved are obviously doing a sterling job whipping up enthusiasm for the idea, and rightly so. Companies like Absolute Energy Solutions talks about the benefits of solar energy to you and your family, as well as your community. Such as:

  • Savings on your electricity bill
  • Generate your own power from the sun
  • Assured high return on solar investment
  • Cut your carbon footprint and contribute to a healthy planet

The children are determined that the school should be able to generate its own electricity and make money by selling any excess back to the grid. It’s a fantastic idea and I applaud their drive. I’ve written before about the benefits of solar energy and sustainable living, it being something that more of us should embrace.

Miss E has even been drafting her own letters to send out to businesses and organisations who provide grants and subsidies for such projects. It’s just a shame that she won’t see the rewards of her hard work directly once she leaves in a few months. But I’m sure her younger sister will keep her up to speed with progress

So, back to the Eco Fair in a few weeks’ time. She’s been making a quiz, surfing the internet to find questions and testing them out on me. Thank goodness they were multiple choice! We are also donating old school uniform and toys and books for the stalls and each class will have their own theme. Without doubt, we’ll be making cakes to sell (this always seems to be a big money earner, I wonder why?!).

So, solar power is a big thing in our community with many homes having it installed, and our local school now taking on the challenge.

Do many homes in your area have solar panels? Do you?

Image: Solar panels via Shutterstock

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